The Duke Men’s Project, launched this month and hosted by the campus Women’s Center, offers a nine-week program for “male-identified” students that discusses male privilege, patriarchy, “the language of dominance,” rape culture, pornography, machismo and other topics, according to Fox News.

In 2003, I coined the term “Politically Correct Psychosis,” or PCP. This serious and cognitively debilitating disorder emerges when the Marxist, liberal and progressivist crypto-religious worldview is challenged, and it is especially prevalent in highly educated, upper middle class, Caucasian populations in New York, Florida, and California. Virtually everyone in the New York Republic and its sympathizers suffer from it, and the mainstream media is pitifully at risk.

The symptoms of PCP are set off by any imagined or implied threats toward certain populations favored by the leftist elite, including blacks, women, homosexuals, transgenders, immigrants and basically anyone other than Christian and conservative white males. When infected by highly contagious PCP, an otherwise sane and intelligent college professor, politician, entertainer or TV journalist will suddenly fall into a glassy-eyed state of mild cognitive retardation, repetition of stereotyped and meaningless phrases and an inability to engage in rational discourse. Ironically, so many people on the left suffer from PCP, they have come to accept inanity, silliness and irrationality as normal and even desirable. Watch just one episode of the “The View,” and PCP will be on vivid display.

Politically Correct Psychosis is becoming a more virulent disease with each passing day, and it has produced so much confusion and pathology among the masses that many people cannot even decide what sex they are or which bathroom to use. We must all pray for a cure for this person-destroying and nation-destroying affliction.

“Toxic white masculinity” is the latest and most outrageous outbreak of Politically Correct Psychosis. The term may have been coined by feminized men in the 1990s who were uncertain about their male roles, but it has recently morphed into an all-out feminist attack on the male of the species. The radical leftist website has recently published a spate of articles on the topic including a mind-numbing and jingoistic rant to white America by ghetto philosopher Chauncey DeVega. He says toxic white masculinity is a type of cancer in America fueled by Fox News, backward right-wing politicians and, of course, those pesky and dangerous trouble makers – Christians.

Since I am one of the deformed cells in the cancerous mass of white males in America, let me say a few words in defense of my race and gender:

1) First, as always, I argue that human beings cannot be understood – politically or otherwise – without understanding our species as expressed in our human nature. Human Paleopsychology” represents my comprehensive take on human nature, but the reader may prefer some other approach. Any such approach must address matters of reproduction, sex-role differences, kinship and tribe, group differences and conflict, and religion and spiritual concerns.

2) Understanding the issue of the “toxic male” requires a deep understanding of the nature of sex differences in human beings. Men truly are from Mars and the women from Venus, and their differences and species responsibilities are monumentally large, indeed. Species-wise, as the gatherer of food and giver and nurturer of life, the female is the most important sex, but her life space and activities were limited mostly to the home base.

The male hunter, by contrast, was a protector of women and children at home, but he ventured far and wide as a hunter, explorer and inventor of tools and implements of war. In his travels, he encountered numerous strangers with whom he either fought or, hopefully, established political bonds.

3) The life of the hunter male was exciting and even fun, I suspect, whereas that of the female was close and warm with female kin and children, but highly restrictive and dangerous in matters of pregnancy, childbirth and nursing and rearing of offspring.

4) Throughout post-caveman history, women have indeed been an oppressed class forced into sex, pregnancy, childbirth and marriage at an early age, and the lucky ones were the concubines and wives of wealthy husbands. Their world was one of children and other women and an occasional tryst with the king, prince, tribal leader or husband of a forced marriage.

5) In the early cave man stages of pagan fertility communities, some females may have served as “goddesses” of sorts, but there has never been a society since where women, as a group, ruled over men and the warrior class. Of course, there have been instances where women served effectively as leaders of groups or nations, but in every instance, the woman’s power was bestowed and maintained by men and not women. The so-called Amazons were more wish-fulfilling fantasy than reality, and there is little evidence of a true matriarchy in human history.

6) Today, feminist women and feminized liberal men are determined to not only rewrite European and American history, but the history of the species as well! They believe they can completely take over the country from the “toxic white men” who founded it and furnished it with virtually every invention in sight from the clock to the electric light, the Ford Model T, the Saturn rocket and, of course, the Internet – thanks to Al Gore. Read the works of historian Daniel Boorstein, and see who are the great discoverers, creators and developers of today’s amazing world – a virtual extravaganza of “toxic white men.”

7) What is this “toxic white male” thing all about, anyway? The answer-strained and fabricated notions about the literal “equality” of the sexes. Marxist liberals and their foot-soldier feminists are determined to produce equality in every nook and cranny of American culture even when it conflicts with human nature and objective reality. Thus, after 70 years of failure to usurp male influence and power, the new approach is to belittle, confuse, demean and ultimately disenfranchise men with the help of the media, the feminized universities and the Democratic Party.

If you cannot compete with men or take their place by legitimate means, then just bitch them to death, reject and shame them out of existence. This is basically how tattletale sisters have dealt with their annoying brothers since the dawn of time, and this is exactly what Hillary and her crowd are attempting with the ultimate toxic white male – Donald Trump.

Let’s conclude with a hypothetical mental experiment. Imagine a week in America where all the “oppressed” and disgruntled women and other man-haters were denied access to each and every invention that originated in the “toxic white male” mind, and they were also denied any and all protections from the police, military and, moreover, males in general. A quote from Camille Paglia’s epic “Sexual Personae” comes to mind here: “If civilization had been left in female hands we would still be living in grass huts” (p.38).


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