I continue to support Donald Trump for president, his not uncommon locker room braggadocio notwithstanding. I continue to support him because his observations pursuant male/female consensual adult sexual relations are no comparison to what the composition of the Supreme Court will be if Hillary Clinton is allowed to steal the election.

I’m not withdrawing my support because remarks he made 11 years ago, or last week, in no way impacted the respectful manner in which his female employees are treated. His remarks didn’t translate into a hostile work environment for women.

I am not withdrawing my support for Donald Trump because I am beyond outraged with the pernicious duplicity of the media and politicians who themselves are guilty of far more than just hollow words. And I’m particularly appalled at false piety.

Bill and Hillary Clinton rode into Washington on waves of sexual scandals and proven accusations of bigotry and racism.

Dolly Kyle author of the book “Hillary: The Other Woman,” was Bill Clinton’s lover during their time together in high school and a friend since childhood. Kyle tells of Hillary calling disabled children who were invited to an Easter egg hunt at the Arkansas governor’s mansion “F–king retards.” Kyle wrote that Hillary called the people of Arkansas “ignorant hillbillies.” She says Hillary referenced Jews as: “Stupid Kike[s]” and “f–king Jew bastard[s].” Kyle joins a legion of people who insist that Bill Clinton called Rev. Jesse Jackson a “g–damned nigger.” The media saw nothing wrong with those remarks; in fact, the media and politicians ignore Hillary’s racism and anti-Semitism.

Donald Trump’s locker room talk didn’t result in Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willy being raped and Paula Jones being beaten. Donald Trump didn’t say when you drive through a trailer park Paula Jones is what you get – but the Clinton campaign did.

Donald Trump’s legacy is not stains on a blue dress. Does the media and dirty tricksters really want us to believe Mr. Trump’s earthy comments are worse than Bill Clinton using cigars as sexual devices on a White House intern in the Oval Office?

What Mr. Trump said 11 years ago or one year ago isn’t the same as Hillary Clinton abandoning Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, Ambassador Stevens and Glen Doherty to be murdered in Benghazi. Mr. Trump’s “alpha boasting” did not contribute to the national debt, to 95 million Americans being out of the workforce, 50 million Americans being on food stamps, porous borders, terrorism in our streets, loss of jobs, ad nauseam.

Rapper Rick Ross has written the most vulgar and sexually graphic songs in the history of rap. One of Ross’ so-called songs was about about him drugging and raping “hoes.” The media weren’t interested when the hip-hop mogul attended an Obama White House event promoting the “empowerment” of black and Latino youth. Ross attended in full rap regalia complete with a court ordered ankle monitor as a condition of his release for kidnapping and assault charges. And these same people feign insult about locker room talk?

I support Donald Trump regardless of his “locker roomisms” because those comments aren’t the issue. The jobs report month ending was abysmal, and economic indicators are telling us we will be in a full-blown recession by the general election.

Donald Trump’s remarks pale in comparison to Hillary telling Wall Street financiers it was necessary to deceive the public for her to carry out their mission. Mr. Trump’s alpha boasting in no way compares with Bill Clinton laughing and boasting that Hillary was making a mockery of the FBI, et al.

I refuse to allow another candidate We the People support to be destroyed as Karl Rove, the media and politicians on both sides of the aisle did to Herman Cain. Do you not find it remotely curious that Karl Rove, the media and amoral politicians say and do as they please with impunity, but those we support are tarred and forced to drop out of races for saying and/or doing things that are not tangentially close to the words and actions of treasonous politicos?

It seems the only time it matters what a person running for office says is when it is someone We the People support. Well, not this time. We have real issues that must be addressed, and jocular remarks made by Donald Trump are not in the same discussion with what will happen if Rove helps Hillary steal this election.

I don’t care that Mr. Trump made off-color comments. I care that the next president will shape the Supreme Court for next 30-40 years. I care that the next president will either abolish Obamacare or find a way to prop it up. I care that the next president will either protect our borders or allow illegals to flood our cities at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars annually. I care that the next president will either respect the Constitution or deprive us of our Second Amendment rights.

We have significant concerns facing this nation and the absolute least of those concerns is a Trump comment in a sexually explicit conversation. Good grief — by the standards of these infidels David would not have remained King of Israel.

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