Hillary Clinton multiple times has smiled broadly or even laughed at a statement from Donald Trump during the three presidential campaign debates – and people are left to draw their own conclusions whether she thinks something is funny, whether she’s smirking, or she’s just putting on a show while he speaks, not even listening.

One report on Thursday even cited her “creepy grandma’ grin.

Whatever the reason, it came at just the wrong moment during the third debate on Wednesday night: Just as Trump was talking about Islamic radicals pushing homosexuals off buildings to kill them.

The video:

She gets a big, wide grin just as Trump, who is telling her to return Clinton Foundation donations to some of the nations that not only have contributed to Clinton’s causes, but also spawned radical and vicious terror and violence.

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“These are people that push gays off businesses – off buildings. These are people that kill women and treat women horribly. And yet, you take their money,” he said.

Here’s a closeup:

Commentator Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit noticed, and reacted.

“THIS WAS REALLY SICK!” he wrote, with the emphasis in his original.

“Hillary Clinton thought it was HILARIOUS when Donald Trump mentioned gays being tossed off rooftops during the final debate.”

Such reports have been common since ISIS surged into a power in the Middle East. Hoft cited a 2014 report from the Guardian, which said, “Jessica Stern, the executive director of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, told the [United Nations] council that courts established by Isis in Iraq and Syria claimed to have punished sodomy with stoning, firing squads and beheadings and by pushing men from tall buildings.”

That report continued, “Subhi Nahas, a gay refugee from the Syrian city of Idlib, told the council that President Bashar al-Assad’s government ‘launched a campaign accusing all dissidents of being homosexuals’ when the country’s uprising started in 2011. Soon afterward gay hangouts were raided and many people were arrested and tortured. ‘Some were never heard from again,’ he said. When the al-Qaida-linked al-Nusra Front took Idlib in 2012, he said, its militants announced ‘they would cleanse the town of those involved in sodomy.’ Arrests and killings of accused homosexual people followed. In 2014 when Isis took the city, the violence worsened, he said.”

Just a few months ago, the Mirror posted a video released by Islamic fundamentalists “of a man’s final minutes after holding a ‘trial’ into accusations he was homosexual.”

“Vile ISIS butchers have released horrific footage showing a man being thrown from the roof of a tall building – simply because they believed him to be gay,” the report said. “The video … is from the province of Al-Jazeera, in northern Iraq near the jihadists’ stronghold city of Mosul.”

As the Islamic State interprets Islamic law, “it is customary for homosexuals to be thrown from the top of the tallest building in the town,” the report said.

It was the Daily Mail that reported her smile was becoming an issue.

“Many viewers [were] confessing they were ‘creeped out’ by her stubborn grin,” the report said. “Hundreds took to Twitter to describe her smile as ‘scary’ and ‘creepy.'”

Others questioned why the expression never dropped even while she was being attacked with questions, the report said.

“When Hillary smiles she looks like an evil snake,” one viewer observed.

“What to do when you don’t have a response? Smile like a chipmunk,” said another.

Other comments:

“When Hillary Clinton does her little smile smirk it literally makes me cringe.”

“Hillary Clinton smile scares me for the future of America.”

“Clinton has that smile that your mom had when you were little and you were in public and she wanted to hit you but couldn’t.”

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