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War with Russia: A big White House ruse

Mr. Farah,

I hope you are planning on soon exposing a big ruse the White House is now perpetrating on the American people: the threat of war with Russia. I believe our government has created this threat to mask a takeover of the presidential election process to commit the largest voter-fraud crime in U.S. history.

I beg you, please give your attention to this matter and expose this evil lawlessness. I believe exposing this crime would be the tipping point for those Democrats who are in the valley of decision about whom they will end up voting for. I believe many aren’t convinced Hillary Clinton really represents their values, and they are looking for a way to vote their conscience. This may be just what is needed to finally have their conscience pricked.

Thanks for all you do. I know it has come at a personal cost to you on many fronts.

Kevin C.