We’d be insane not to hire Donald Trump

By WND Staff

By Chuck Morse, author of “The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism” published by WND Books

Donald Trump, the successful businessman, the ordinary man with all of his flaws, has lived a fabulous life of success and achievement. He has reached a stage in his life where he would like to give something back to his country, which has given him so much. He is offering his talents and his services to all of us by offering to serve as our president. We would be insane not to take him up on his offer.

Trump represents views that make simple common sense, views that would be non-controversial at a different time in history. He views the main job of the president as the upholder of the Constitution, and he would seek to fulfill that mandate by working within the letter and the spirit of the law and by appointing officials, including judges, who would do the same. He actually believes that our elected and appointed officials should mean what they say when put their hand on the Bible and take their oaths to uphold the Constitution.

Trump wants to put America first, an idea that seems shocking to many people today. He wants to put the interests of his own country first when engaging in trade and diplomacy with other nations. This is what all normal nations do. It may surprise and even shock some people to realize that this principle is natural to human beings. We as individuals and as families always ought to put our own interests first. This is natural to the animal and even the plant kingdom, yet this basic principle seems downright outlandish to some.

Trump supports the most basic function of any sovereign nation and that is the right to decide who enters the national home. Such a function is no different than the right of the individual to decide who enters his or her personal home. Like the individual, the nation need not explain why any foreigner is or is not invited as there is no more a right of a foreigner to enter any sovereign nation than a person has a right to enter into any private home. This principle also exists in the animal kingdom. Try to invade the space of a dog.

As president, Donald Trump would do what any sane leader of any nation would do and that is he would strive to protect the lives, the rights and the economic gains of his fellow citizens. America has achieved much over the centuries in terms of capital accumulation, invention, business growth, labor rights, property rights and religious freedom. Trump wants to advance those genuinely progressive gains that have benefited us all. By keeping taxes low, by cutting onerous regulations and burdensome bureaucracy, which we all pay for and which in many cases restricts our freedom to create and to expand, Trump wants to restore and advance the principles that have made America successful.

Donald Trump is the first presidential candidate in modern times to dare to call out the failures of liberal policies regarding poverty and racism. Liberal welfare programs have led to the disintegration of the family, particularly the black family. The hateful and bigoted liberal attitude toward religion, on display in the Clinton campaign WikiLeaks emails, has undermined the moral authority of the church and of faith over decades. The liberal education agenda has dumbed down our children with such crackpot programs as Common Core, and this has disproportionately affected the black family that is already under siege with a single parent at home thanks largely to the liberal welfare agenda. The liberals are lenient toward violent crime and criminals who terrorize poor neighborhoods.

Donald Trump represents a real cultural change, a move away from the unnatural beliefs and policies that have contributed toward personal and national failure. He stands for economic growth, with the knowledge that the best social program is a good job, law and order, local control over public schools, religious freedom, and foreign and trade policies that put America first and that employ American leverage to get the best deal. Trump wants to restore the progressive ideas of personal, local and national sovereignty. He trusts his fellow citizens to continue on with the great experiment of self-government.

Chuck Morse is the author of “The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism” published by WND Books.

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