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Becoming a successful female director with Annetta Marion

Annetta Marion is an award-winning director and Primetime Emmy-nominated producer. She recently directed the television special “Oprah Goes to Broadway: The Color Purple” that premiered on OWN. Annetta is currently the co-executive producer and a director on the acclaimed television series “Oprah’s Master Class.”

She has directed over 20 scripted projects including award-winning short films, a web series, commercials and numerous PSAs. Annetta is a graduate of AFI’s prestigious Directing Workshop for Women, and she is an active member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the Directors Guild of America, the Producer’s Guild of America, and she is a New York Women in Film and Television board member.

Creating the Oscar-nominated score with John Debney

Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning John Debney is considered one of the most prolific and successful composers in Hollywood. His unique ability to create memorable work across a variety of genres, as well as his reputation for being remarkably collaborative, have made him the first choice of many top-level producers and directors.

His work as a composer includes films like “Iron Man 2,” “The Stoning of Soraya M,” “Bruce Almighty,” “Evan Almighty,” “Sin City,” “The Passion of the Christ,” “Elf,” “Spy Kids,” “The Emperor’s New Groove” and “The Young Messiah.”

Destroying the Death Star with Bruce Logan

Bruce Logan is a VFX director, DP and supervisor, as well as a director, producer and writer. His work as a DP includes films such as the Oscar-nominated “Tron” and “Jamie Foxx: Straight From the Foxxhole.”

He directed Madonna’s video for “Borderline” as well as working on music videos for Prince, R. Kelly, Rod Stewart, and Aerosmith. His commercial work includes Pepsi, Fed-Ex, Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, Hyundai and Nissan. And his work in VFX includes the Oscar-winning “2001: A Space Odyssey,” Oscar winning “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope,” and “Batman Forever.”

Becoming a world-class film puppeteer with Rickey Boyd

Rickey Boyd is a world-class puppeteer. Rickey’s long and distinguished career includes performing Grandma Cookie Monster for Sesame Workshop’s “Sesame Beginnings,” Scooter and Crazy Harry in “Muppet’s Wizard of Oz,” and Waffle in “Animal Jam.” Other projects include “Muppets From Space,” “Dinosaurs The Series,” “Muppetvision 3D,” “Muppets at Disney World,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” and “Song of the Cloud Forest,” as well as numerous videos and commercial projects.

Rickey continues to perform for The Jim Henson Company, as well as working as an animator and director for the multiple Emmy award winning Magnetic Dreams Studio. There, he designs and directs animations for clients such as Sesame Street, amongst others.

Analyzing film mastery with Christopher Kenworthy

Christopher Kenworthy is a screenwriter, director and producer of countless commercial projects and music videos, numerous short films, and a feature called “The Sculptor’s Ritual.”

He’s the best-selling author of the renowned film book series “Master Shots” which includes Volume 1, 2 and 3, “Master Shots: Story,” “Master Shots: Suspense” and “Master Shots: Action.”

He’s also the author of two well-reviewed novels and numerous critically acclaimed short stories. His latest film books are “Shoot Like Tarantino,” “Shoot Like Spielberg,” and “Shoot Like Scorsese.”

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