All the big shots with the fancy Ivy League degrees, media credentials and political titles got it wrong. All the “experts” know nothing.

Did you watch the media over the weekend? They were gloating. They were frothing at the mouth. They were certain the race was over. They believed Trump was finished. Adios. Just a blip in political history. Yesterday’s news.

Did you listen to the political “experts”? They, too, were burying Trump.

Did you watch the career politicians? Even Republican politicians raced away from Trump. They were like rats deserting a sinking Trump ship.

Did you hear the many calls for Trump to resign over his comments in a secretly recorded video from 11 years ago?

And then there were the phone calls. I fielded dozens of gloating calls from my liberal friends; they all believed Trump was finished. They taunted me. They were congratulating their candidate Hillary as if she had already won.

All of Trump’s critics and doubters were practicing what I call “Premature Prognostication.”

Here’s the thing the experts in the media, the GOP establishment, the career politicians and clueless liberals don’t understand. This is no traditional election. Trump is no traditional politician. He is re-writing the history of politics.

Trump is our Brexit. The rules don’t apply to him.

The people are angry. They want scalps. They’ve got their pitchforks out. They want to set fire to Washington, D.C. They want to put career politicians in prison. They don’t care anymore about rules, or manners, or etiquette, or traditional political behavior. Someone is going to pay for what the establishment has done to the greatest nation in world history and the formerly greatest middle class in the world.

And if Donald Trump is a tough talking caveman, GREAT!

If he sounds like an animal, so be it.

If Trump is a savage, all the better. We’ve found our guy.

We lost with Mitt Romney and John McCain being nice polite gentleman. We would have lost this year with milquetoast Jeb Bush or John Kasich.

But Trump is a warrior. All of that crude talk by Trump just makes him the perfect guy to burn Washington, D.C., down. To stand up to the corrupt and crooked political establishment. To fight back against the Clinton Crime Cartel.

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The media have it all wrong. The GOP establishment don’t get it. Trump isn’t a politician who has to abide by the rules. Trump is one big middle finger to all the people in power – to “business as usual.” He is our middle finger. He is our caveman. He is our savage. He is our animal.

So he doesn’t have to be well-mannered. Trump gets bonus points for being a savage. If he makes ladies in gowns faint … if he makes liberals vomit … if he makes crooked politicians tremble … then he’s our guy!

All of this bad stuff, all of these secretly recorded videos, they just make the story better. Trump isn’t a man; he is a folk hero. He’s Paul Bunyan. He’s the Loch Ness Monster. He’s Sir William Wallace, the hero warrior of “Braveheart.”

Yes, Trump’s an animal, a savage – but he’s our animal. He’s our savage. He’s a tough guy fighting viciously for us. And if he’s fighting “dirty”? Great. It’s about time we had someone on our side who brings a bazooka to a gun fight, instead of a knife.

Yes, any other politician would have stepped down, or backed down after that secretly recorded video was released. Trump DOUBLED DOWN. Instead of playing doormat or shrinking violet to Hillary at the debate, even after the release of that terrible video, Trump promised to put her in prison. Are you kidding me? This guy has balls in a nation filled with neutered men.

Trump wants to send Hillary to prison? Trump mocks her when she compares herself to Abraham Lincoln? Trump asks her why she doesn’t put some of her $250 million fortune in the race? Trump calls her behavior disgraceful? That was all music to our ears. This is our guy. Thank God we have a savage on our side!

So here’s my message to the liberals, the mainstream media and the GOP establishment:

Keep practicing premature prognostication. Stay delusional. Keep lying to yourself that Hillary is going to win. Stay over-confidant. We’re going to wipe that smug look off your faces on Nov. 8.

And keep the dirty tricks coming. Take it from the author of “Angry White Male” – you’re making us angrier. You’re creating a feeding frenzy. The more you attack him, the more you motivate us.

Release more videotapes – we dare you.

Show Trump using the “F” word. Release a Trump sex tape. Show Trump talking about how he owns all the crooked politicians. Prove Trump doesn’t pay taxes to our corrupt government. We love it. You’re just feeding the beast. You’re making the legend of Trump even bigger. You’re making our folk hero 10 feet tall. You’re creating a monster.

BRING IT ON. Let’s see the best you got. We don’t care. We’re coming to burn D.C. down. We’ve got our pitchforks. We’ve got our Brexit attitude on. More importantly, we’ve got our long, strong, vicious, savage middle finger …

We’ve got Donald J. Trump.

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