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Your choice: A cad or a rapist in White House, again

I decided not to even write about the great debate Sunday night.

Instead, as I write this column, fully cognizant of the furor surrounding the Donald Trump campaign leading up to Sunday night’s showdown with Hillary Clinton, I feel like I have something more important to offer the American people as they make their choice of a successor to Barack Obama.

It’s sad to say, but your choice boils down to sending a cad to the White House or returning a rapist, one who was actually impeached in connection with a series of serial assaults and lying under oath about them.

That’s the choice.

Worse yet, Hillary Clinton may not be the one guilty of sexual assaults, but she was complicit in them for as long as she has been married to him – including the eight years he spent in the White House and before. And, as we all know, she should already be in prison for violations of espionage offenses.

Maybe you are not familiar with the term “cad.” It’s a little archaic, slightly out of fashion. It refers to a man who behaves in a dishonorable or irresponsible way toward women. There’s no question Trump is guilty of being a cad. He’s admitted it. He has apologized for his misbehavior.

Now, I’m old enough to understand we don’t often have a choice between angels when it comes time to electing presidents.

There’s no doubt, if you’ve followed Donald Trump’s career in business and entertainment, he’s no angel.

Did anyone think he was? Was someone under the misimpression that he was a gilded knight in shining armor?

He’s a highly, highly successful businessman. He’s been an entertainer – a reality-show host. He has even written explicitly in his own bestselling books about his misguided, sinful sexual exploits. It doesn’t surprise me that he behaved shamefully in the past. He’s told us all!

We’ve known that for a long time.

But choosing not to vote for Trump because of his shameless misbehavior 11 years ago, caught on a covert video conveniently and coincidentally withheld until one month before Election Day, is not smart. It’s not the right thing to do for your country, for our economy, for our national security, for the righteous revolt Trump has led this year against the permanent, bipartisan political establishment that has already come dangerously close to destroying America’s heritage of liberty, justice and prosperity.

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If I thought Trump were in this race for his ego only, it might be different. I don’t. I think he genuinely wants to do something for his country. And I think he may be the only person who can do that at this time – and certainly he’s our only choice with a month left I the race.

That’s the choice we have. And guess what? I think the choice is crystal clear.

I’m the guy who wrote the book in 2008 called “None of the Above,” telling Americans not to support either John McCain or Barack Obama.

I firmly believed we had no good choice then.

I don’t believe that now.

I know Trump is still no angel.

But he represents a clear and compelling choice for president in 2016.

I will go even further: If the majority of Americans don’t choose Trump, politically speaking, this country is done, toast, kaput, put a fork in it.

The borders will be effectively erased. Clinton will make good on her promise to bring hundreds of thousands of individual terror threats into this country. Obamacare will remain the law of the land – and probably get much, much worse as Hillarycare. Taxes will skyrocket. The economy will plummet. Debt will overcome us. Political correctness will consume us. Voting will be a charade because Clinton’s judges will strike down voter ID laws.

I don’t see how America could recover short of a miracle of God.

In addition, we should know from experience that yet another Clinton White House will mean a scorched-earth policy will be enacted against dissidents and those who expose their misdeeds. The Internal Revenue Service will be unleashed on their enemies. There will be no stopping them – certainly not by the establishment Republicans who currently control the House and Senate. Have they lifted a finger to stop Obama?

Look, I pray Trump is a different man at 70 than he was at 59. I know Hillary and Bill Clinton have not had an epiphany. What they’ve learned over the last 24 years is simply that crime pays.

So, what’s it going to be America? Vote for a cad or a criminal?

Count on my vote for the cad.

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