3 reasons Trump should pick Rudy for State

By Doug Wead

Dear Mr. President-Elect:

As one who was loyal early and long, right after my own Rand Paul dropped out, and took a lot of heat for it, please, please give us Rudy!

Here are three big reasons you should pick Rudolph Giuliani as secretary of state.

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1) He is the most qualified and successful politician-statesman alive. He succeeds at everything he does.

Working in the Justice Department and for the state of New York, he more than any other figure brought down the famous five families of the Mafia – an intractable problem for the economy and society of America for generations.

He ended the reign of violence on the streets of New York, which was once like Chicago is today under Rahm Emanuel.

My feel is that he needs a new challenge. And this is it.

Actors who are good at one part often get typecast and need a new role to challenge their skills and give them range. Rudolph Giuliani, who succeeds at everything he does, needs that challenge. And you need him at your side.

As mayor of New York City, he made the city great again, and he can help you do that for America in the world.

Still want to drain the swamp? He did it in New York.

2.) He was loyal.

I’m not against your narrative of “team of rivals.” I think you are generous and smart to reach out to Mitt Romney and others who dissed you and involve them in your campaign to make America great again.

And Romney’s effort to turn the LDS world against you didn’t work – which makes your generosity all the more meaningful. And yes, you want to heal that. You should heal that.

So make Mitt the ambassador to the Court of St. James.

But don’t disappoint someone who risked everything for you when it looked like you couldn’t win and who was willing to sit on the sidelines with ignominy for the rest of his life. For you.

3.) He is Catholic. And you won those Rust Belt states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania by picking up former union workers, so-called “Reagan Democrats” who are Catholic.

OK, I hear you. We have six Catholics on the Supreme Court.

But now you have a vice president and a secretary of education and a secretary of HUD who are evangelical Christians. Time for a Catholic who is loyal to you and a genius at everything he does.

Give us Rudy. You need him. Team of rivals is good. Team of genius is better.

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