Donald Trump’s election as president of the United States is not a surprise to anyone who has paid attention for the past 28 years. His victory Tuesday has been building since 1988.

That year, George H.W. Bush’s floundering campaign to succeed Ronald Reagan was suddenly propelled to victory when he turned from his effeminate promises of a “kinder, gentler” conservatism – as opposed to the confident, strong leadership of Reagan that was denounced by GOP elites as unsophisticated and boorish – to promise that a Bush presidency would be a third term for Reagan. After sweeping to victory, Bush set the blueprint in place for how the GOP establishment would approach elections over the next three decades.

Since that time, Republican elites hand-selected candidates who campaigned as conservatives. Once elected, though, they shifted dramatically to the left in what they claimed was an effort to reach across the aisle to work with liberals. Compromise, however, always meant Republicans caving and adopting liberal positions they claimed to oppose. At election time the malleable losers morph back into conservatives for the purpose of getting re-elected before going back to Washington to cave once again to liberal demands.

After taking office, George H.W. Bush began surrendering to liberal Democrats. There was no principle or promise that Bush was not willing to concede in a never-ending attempt to earn liberal and media favor. It only emboldened them to attack more ferociously to force more concessions.

Other than Mr. Bush’s general softness, two items stand out as particularly significant as the seeds that elected Donald Trump president in 2016.

First was Mr. Bush’s reneging on his promise not to raise taxes. That broken promise – done in spectacular fashion – set the stage for his submission to Democrats in other areas and assured that he would not be elected to a second term. Bush was so weak and ineffective that Pat Buchanan challenged the sitting president in the Republican primaries, and Ross Perot siphoned more than enough votes as a third-party candidate in the general election to allow Bill Clinton to win the presidency with a paltry 43 percent of the vote.

Second, Mr. Bush crafted and tried to sell Americans on the North American Free Trade Agreement. Common sense said that NAFTA would result in U.S. companies moving manufacturing to markets with cheaper labor. But Bush and globalists promised that the opposite was true, that it would open up markets for American goods and create a bounty of new jobs in the U.S. In the 23 years since Bill Clinton signed it into law, hundreds of thousands of jobs have left the country as the world’s highest corporate tax rate and suffocating tangles of regulations have made it financially untenable to continue manufacturing operations in America.

Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States because globalist promises of jobs were demonstrable lies. But the wealthy from both parties who promoted NAFTA have thrived. And now they make the same promises with new trade deals that promise more of the same.

But there was more.

Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States because Muslims came to our country and killed nearly 3,000 Americans in a single day, but the U.S. government has actually increased Muslim immigration in the years since 9/11. In spite of terror attacks at Fort Hood, Boston, San Bernardino, Orlando and elsewhere, ordinary Americans are called racists for noticing the common theme throughout these attacks, and innocent people are subjected to humiliating and invasive searches when we travel and a lack of privacy in our communications.

Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States because of riots, looting and burning in Ferguson, Baltimore and the mass murder of police officers in New York and Dallas. Instead of calling for peace, Obama invited those burning and looting cities to the White House and told them to keep doing what they were doing.

Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States because Black Panthers stood in the doorway of a polling station and refused to allow whites to vote; Hillary Clinton freely passed around classified documents; Lois Lerner used the IRS as a weapon against the president’s political opponents; and guns were illegally provided to Mexican drug cartels in an Eric Holder scheme. None of these Obama supporters were prosecuted for their crimes.

Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States because neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton will say where they were at or what they were doing when Americans were under attack at Benghazi, and act that left four Americans dead, including the U.S. ambassador. Instead of responding forcefully, Obama and Clinton responded with repeated lies and jailed a man in California who made a YouTube video – the same YouTube ISIS fighters use to publish video of Americans being beheaded that drew no response except a brief remark from the president before laughing on his golf cart on the way back to his game.

Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States because of the shameful lies and political thuggery that was used to shove Obamacare down America’s collective throat – against our will, against our medical interests and with devastating consequences to our finances, all without any real effect on the wealthy lawmakers who inflicted this on us all.

Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States because Barack Obama wanted to “make it hurt” during a budget showdown and allowed the World War II Memorial and other open-air monuments to be barricaded to inflict maximum pain on American veterans to get them to pressure his opponents in Congress to let him have his way.

Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States because Barack Obama used military paychecks as a bargaining chip to force Republicans to continue taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood’s gruesome abortion mills.

Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States because Barack Obama celebrates every Muslim or other religious holiday, but White House Christmas trees are now called “holiday trees.”

Nobody in history has been more mercilessly savaged in the American media than Donald Trump. Major media has excoriated him more fiercely around-the-clock than any terrorist, serial killer or financial villain. Trump’s supporters have faired no better.

The debt, the chaos, the unnecessary wars, the crime, the corruption and the refusal of Republican elites to resist these outrages as they promised when they were on the campaign trail begging for votes and money. These are the reasons Donald Trump was elected president of the United States.

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