Act 3: God put Trump in his place

By Craige McMillan

Regardless of whether your side won or lost, you can relax. The election wasn’t about you. It wasn’t about Republicans, Democrats, independents, intellectuals or illegals. It wasn’t about sexual identity politics. It wasn’t even about Hillary or the Donald.

Most people seem to think that it was. Those rioting in the streets – half of whom didn’t bother to vote – see it as the end of their world. Perhaps it is, but not for the reasons they now imagine. Trump voters see it as the restoration of their world and an adult in the White House to represent America to the world. Perhaps it is. Big media see it as a gift from their god, the extension of their election profiteering far out into the new year. Perhaps it is.

I wrote in previous columns that Donald Trump would be the next president because God had ordained it. Yeah, I know: That’s silly old language, what with the Big Bang replacing creation, Darwin and evolution forming man out of the dust of the explosion, and the Garden of Eden being restored – but if only you pay your monthly subscription to Big Tech for their spyware gadgetry, robotic sex partners and cryogenic refrigerator so you can make it until humanity ushers in eternal life.

God is just so boring – no wonder he can’t compete, right?

Well, God’s not interested in competing. He has no competition. He is already running the most interesting drama in the history of the world. Donald Trump’s election to the presidency is just one more chair on the theater set for Act 3 of the longest-running production in eternity.

This drama has gone entirely unnoticed by much of the world and even more of America. Most of us have our eyeballs glued to smartphone screens and tablets, while we live our lives on twitface, watch cute kitten videos and stumble around in the dark. The world as it is we wouldn’t recognize were we to lift our faces from our own private dramas and look around us.

Nations and world leaders are no more difficult for God to arrange on the face of the earth than are actors and stage sets for us in the world of drama. You’ve just witnessed one. The world’s leaders are falling like dominoes. Brexit, America, next the European Union. God is installing the final leaders and nation states. Satan is seeing generations of work crumble around him. His anger and rage will be substantial. You can see it in the faces of the protesters on the streets.

Much of the church and more of the world is blind to what is happening. They still explain events entirely in human terms. This is why they will be wrong about what is now beginning. Brexit was impossible. Trump was impossible. Brazil and Argentina were impossible, and so will be what emerges from the European Union – and the Mideast.

If you don’t hear the furniture being dragged around behind the curtain for Act 3, then you’re too busy whispering to the person seated next to you about cute kitten videos. God’s busy dealing with people. The stage hands are dragging the furniture across the stage floor and into position for the final act. Who sits in which chair has already been determined by the Author. Love them or hate them, each actor will play his or her part, flawlessly.

Act 3 is the wrap-up to human government. The audience lighting has dimmed. The curtain is opening. The stage lighting has come up. Actors and actresses are in their assigned places.

“Mr. President …”

The play has resumed. Where are you?

Make no mistake. The end has begun. Start here.

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