NEW YORK — Danney Williams, the black man from Little Rock, Arkansas, who has claimed since the 1990s to be the illegitimate son of former President Bill Clinton, has recorded a video asking President Obama to appeal to Hillary Clinton to assist him in obtaining DNA from Bill Clinton to resolve his paternity claim.

“My name is Danney Williams,” he says, addressing President Obama as the video begins. “I am the son of former President Bill Clinton. I am reaching out to you because I know you can understand me. You also grew up without a father, and you are our first black president. You have supported Black Lives Matter and My Brother’s Keeper, so I know you believe that my life matters.”

Watch Williams’ appeal to President Obama

Williams explains that he has published a video explaining his case that has been viewed by over 30 million people since it was first published on Oct. 11.

Watch Williams explain how he knows Bill Clinton is hsi father

Williams also referenced the press conference last week at the National Press Club in Washington, where he appealed to Monica Lewinsky to let him conduct DNA testing on the stain she testified came from a sex act she performed on Clinton at the White House on Feb. 28, 1997. FBI documents confirmed it was a match for Bill Clinton’s DNA.

“President Obama, I have to know who I am. I have to know that my father and stepmother will accept me, their black son,” Williams continues in the video appeal.

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“My step mother Hillary, she has the power to convince my father to provide a DNA sample. President Obama, I know you are endorsing my stepmom for President,” Williams concludes. “Please ask her to step up to prove that my life does matter, that my kids and I have a place in her village too.”


No definitive DNA test

WND reported that no DNA test was conducted in 1999, despite media reports to the contrary when Williams’ claim first surfaced.

Clinton defenders since 1999 have contended the tabloid Star Magazine conducted a “DNA showdown” proving Bill Clinton was not Williams’ father, citing Star Magazine editor Phil Bunton saying at the time, “There was no match, nothing even close.”

But in an interview this month, Bunton told WND that no blood sample was obtained from Clinton and Star Magazine never published a story documenting a laboratory test.

“I don’t remember ever seeing any laboratory test that was done on Clinton’s DNA,” Bunton told WND.

Bunton is now the owner of the Rivertown Magazine in Haverstraw, New York.

He affirmed to WND that the tabloid relied on the DNA evidence for Clinton published by independent counsel Kenneth Starr, extracted from the infamous Monica Lewinsky blue dress.

“We got a lot of phone calls from several people in the media, including the New York Times, wanting to know when we were going to get the DNA back,” Bunton recalled to WND. “We thought it was going to turn out to be his son, but when the DNA came back there was no story there even to write.”

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The DNA test released by Kenneth Starr was the second of two DNA laboratory tests the FBI had run on Clinton, but the public record leaves no doubt that Starr withheld the more robust test conducted by the FBI.

In his original video, Williams addresses the “phony DNA test” the tabloid conducted in 1999.

“There never was a DNA test” he says. “Just think about it. The phony DNA test was reported by a tabloid owned by a donor to Bill Clinton (former Deputy Treasury Secretary Roger. C. Altman). To this day, the media continue to quote this bogus DNA test and it really hurts.”

On Hillary Clinton allegedly shutting him out of the Clinton family, he commented: “It makes me wonder. If Hillary says ‘Black Lives Matter,’ why I don’t matter to her.”

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