In response to Donald Trump’s tweet calling for the criminalization of flag burning, members of the Revolutionary Communist Party burned the American flag outside the Trump International Hotel in New York City on Tuesday.


Revolutionary Communist Party protesters outside the Trump International Hotel in New York City Nov. 29, 2016.

Wearing their trademark “Revolution – Nothing Less!” T-shirts, the seven communists repeatedly compared Trump to Adolf Hitler. However, the group also condemned the United States as a whole.

“The U.S. American flag deserves to be burned!” screamed one protester into a megaphone as the small group poured flammable liquid on several small flags.

The protester, who appeared to be pro-abortion and RCP activist Sunsara Taylor, claimed America is inherently oppressive and its flag is a symbol of shame.

“It is a symbol of slavery, of genocide, of oppression, of despots in Honduras and Guatemala!” she shouted. “It is a symbol of the desecration of Standing Rock! We burn this American flag on behalf of the 7 billion people of this planet! We refuse to accept a fascist America!”

The group then launched into its trademark chant: “One, two, three, four, slavery, genocide and war! Five, six, seven, eight, America was never great!”

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The group also burned the American flag during protests outside the Republican National Convention in July. That protest featured Gregory Lee “Joey” Johnson, a longtime far-left activist who also burned the flag outside the RNC in 1984. The act of flag desecration led to the Supreme Court case Texas v. Johnson, which ruled the First Amendment protects burning the American flag as an act of political protest.

The Revolutionary Communist Party is distinct from the Communist Party USA. The CPUSA endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Unlike Trump, who was pressured by the corporate media to disavow support from “white supremacists,” Clinton never faced similar pressure to disavow her communist backers.

However, even the Revolutionary Communist Party, which calls President-elect Trump an “outright fascist” and demands people “resist,” is also striking a curiously defensive tone when it comes to Hillary Clinton. In a recent statement about its supposed refusal “to accept a fascist America,” the RCP said, “As for the rule of law, Trump went so far as to openly threaten his opponent, Hillary Clinton, not only with jail, but even assassination.”

The Revolutionary Communist Party is a staple of Black Lives Matter protests and is one of several far-left groups looking to exploit racial tensions to further the cause of a communist revolution. The RCP frequently organizes mass demonstrations that play host to other groups and individuals, including current CNN pundit Van Jones on one occasion.

The group is also noted for the cult of personality it has built around its leader, Bob Avakian. The protesters who burned the flag were wearing shifts that read “BA Speaks” above the call for revolution. Party propaganda often urges recipients to buy Avakian’s books and listen to his speeches. Avakian is also noted for his debates with prominent left-wing figures such as Cornel West.

Matthew Vadum, author of “Subversion, Inc.” and a senior editor at the Capital Research Center, is an expert in far-left movements who has studied the RCP for years. Vadum expressed frustration at how Democrats and figures connected to supposedly mainstream politicians are never pressured because of their ties to openly communist groups.

“When Democrats can be demonstrated to have ties to radical subversive groups like the RCP then, yes, decent Americans should demand they disavow them,” he told WND.

Vadum blasted the group as extreme and hateful but also effective at stirring up street protests.

“The Revolutionary Communist Party has never really caught on as an electoral force, but that hasn’t stopped it from generating violent social unrest,” he said. “It is a virulently anti-American cabal of cop-haters and capitalism-haters that grew out of the nihilism of the 1960s. It would be nice to be able to laugh at these people with their goofy Maoist ideas but they have, unfortunately, had some success at in-your-face radical activism in the streets, so they have to be taken seriously.”

Yet Vadum says the spectacular antics of the RCP are only the surface of the problem. He said the real key to understanding the left is understanding how they are supported.

“Far-left groups manage to stay alive because they are supported financially and otherwise by a hard-core group of supporters,” he explained. “Some, like ACORN and its active successor groups – New York Communities for Change, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment and Organize Now in Florida, for example – because they get grants from radical philanthropies.”

He noted that ACORN’s Missouri spinoff, Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment, or MORE, is funded by George Soros.

“The national media generally ignores these groups, but local media tend to take them more seriously,” Vadum said.

However, Vadum cautions that, as with the RCP, local media often treat even the most extreme groups as simply dissidents, rather than organized revolutionaries with a radical agenda.

“The problem is, local media outlets tend to report what these groups are doing through non-critical eyes,” Vadum said. “They simply accept at face value what the groups tell them.”

And while the RCP is posing as friends of freedom of speech, their website contains its true agenda. It features a “Constitution For The New Socialist Republic In North America,” which abolishes even the name of the United States.

Go behind the scenes of the radical left. See who is funding the groups dedicated to destroying our way of life. You won’t look at politics the same again after you read “Subversion, Inc.” from investigative reporter Matthew Vadum. Available now at the WND Superstore.

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