There are illegal immigrants roaming the streets of Virginia and Pennsylvania this election season, and they are telling Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton and other Democrats.

CASA in Action, a nonprofit political and legislative advocacy organization, has recruited a number of recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, to go door to door in the two critical swing states on behalf of Democrat candidates for office.

DACA was President Obama’s 2012 program that granted temporary legal status to nearly 750,000 illegal immigrants who were brought to the country as children.

The door-to-door canvassers sense the outcome of next week’s vote will determine whether they can eventually obtain U.S. citizenship. They realize Donald Trump has promised to deport them and a Republican Congress is less likely than a Democratic one to pass a pathway to citizenship into law.

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Luis Angel Aguilar, 28, a DACA recipient who is helping to coordinate this effort, told the Washington Post: “All DACA recipients should take this on as an added responsibility, to change the power structure. Our voices need to be heard.”

Matthew Vadum, senior vice president at the investigative think tank Capital Research Center, begs to differ.

“Their voices shouldn’t be heard,” Vadum told WND. “They’re here illegally. They’re here by the good graces of the authorities here. They shouldn’t be challenging the power structure. You shouldn’t be allowed, as Democrats are doing, to import all these people, foreigners, to help your cause. And yet it goes on every day, and Republicans for the most part couldn’t care less.”

The Obama administration has accused Russia of interfering in this year’s U.S. elections by hacking into Democrat-related email accounts and releasing the contents on the Internet. But Democrats and the left in general appear to have no problem with a different group of foreigners – Central Americans with DACA status – interfering in the U.S. elections by campaigning for Democrats.

That double standard represents normal Democratic Party politics, according to Vadum.

“Facts are not an obstacle to moving forward with their plans,” he groused. “Consistency is not important to them. They just want to win, and they’ll do whatever they have to do to win.”

He pointed to Scott Foval, the Democratic operative who was exposed by several undercover Project Veritas videos as a man who puts winning elections over ethics.

“This is the typical Democrat attitude,” Vadum said. “They don’t care about ethics; they don’t care about the law. They figure they can get away with it because if any Republican criticizes them, they can call the Republican racist and in most cases the Republican will run away immediately. It’s like presenting a cross to a vampire when you call a Republican elected official a racist. They’ll just tuck tail and run, do whatever you want them to do.”

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It may be legal for DACA recipients to campaign on behalf of political candidates, but in Vadum’s mind it’s a shame that non-citizens are allowed to sway a U.S. election in this way.

“It is really offensive that people who came here illegally are participating in the political process,” he said. “You should have to have at least some sort of legal status before you go knock on doors. It just doesn’t seem right at a gut level.”

CASA in Action, the group behind this effort, is a 501(c)(4) organization. It is the sister organization of CASA de Maryland, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that advocates for and assists immigrants, most of whom are Latino, legal and illegal.

Unlike 501(c)(3)s, 501(c)(4) organizations may lobby and participate in political campaigns. Vadum, who studies left-wing advocacy groups and their funders for a living, surmises that Casa de Maryland likely created CASA in Action in order to get away with campaigning as they are now without getting in trouble with the IRS.

Vadum, author of the book “Subversion, Inc.,” said he is not surprised CASA in Action is exploiting illegal aliens. And yes, he considers the door-to-door campaigning to be exploitation. He noted that he couldn’t find a record of how much, if anything, CASA in Action is paying the DACA recipients to knock on doors.

However, that is not to say he feels sorry for them. While a sympathetic Washington Post piece painted DACA recipients as hardworking Americans yearning for a chance to come out of the shadows, Vadum knows this is part of the Democratic playbook.

“It’s just to be compassion fascists and to rub the problems that these people have in our faces so we’ll feel sorry for them even though they broke the law and came to the United States illegally,” he said. “They’ve been granted this temporary status under the DACA program. You’d think they’d at least have the decency, the humility to go about their lives quietly instead of getting involved in trying to change the system.”

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