Anti-Trump violence has been escalating each night since the results were announced early Wednesday morning.

Anti-Trump violence has been escalating each night since the results were announced early Wednesday morning.

As many have warned for weeks, the final days of President Obama’s presidency could be some of the most momentous.

He has said he has a long “to-do list” and won’t fade quietly into the shadows.

Concerns abound that Obama could declare martial law in the wake of George Soros-funded anarchists taking to the streets of U.S. cities and agitating protesters to step up their violence against Donald Trump’s presidential victory. The protests have been more violent each night since Wednesday. Others fear Obama could pardon legions of hardened criminals or even provoke a war with a foreign power.

“The open-borders’ George Soros was the second biggest loser Tuesday night, after Hillary,” says former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. “He was her major investor and she owed him.

“Soros’ temper tantrum is funding the protests in various metropolitan areas in order to delegitimize the Trump mandate. This is all about maintaining Soros’ open-borders agenda and the continual flow of Third World migration to the West – the opposite of the Trump mandate.”

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Bachmann said she believes Trump is strong enough to resist this propaganda.

“The people elected/hired Mr. Trump because they trusted him to repudiate the Obama legacy,” she said.

More cities targeted for Muslim refugees

Another thing to watch in these final Obama weeks is the number of refugees he will flood into the country before Trump takes office. He has already told Congress he wants 110,000 in fiscal 2017, but that number is now in jeopardy under a Trump administration.

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To get as many as possible into the country by the Jan. 20 Inauguration Day, look for Obama’s State Department to fill up every city with available housing and add new cities to the mix. More than 45 new cities have already been named as targets to receive refugees from jihadist hotbeds such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Burma and other countries.

WND has learned that among those cities targeted for the opening of new refugee resettlement offices are the following cities:

Asheville, N.C.

Rutland, Vt.

Reno, Nev.

Ithaca, N.Y.

Missoula, Mont.

Aberdeen, S.D. (may have been thwarted as a primary resettlement site but still a target)

Charleston, W.Va.

Fayetteville, Ark.

Blacksburg, Va.

Pittsfield, Mass.

Northhampton, Mass.

Flint, MI

Bloomington, IN

Traverse City, MI

Poughkeepsie, NY

Wilmington, DE

Watertown, N.Y. (maybe)

Youngstown, OH (maybe)

Israel in the crosshairs?

But, as Obama prepares that final to-do list, no country will be watching more closely than the tiny state of Israel. The potential for mischief here, with some kind of “December surprise” for the Jewish state, hangs over the Middle East like a dark cloud.

The Wall Street Journal reported one week before Tuesday’s election that Obama had requested his aides provide him with a list of options to deal with the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israeli diplomats, according to the WSJ story, are preparing for the possibility that a lame-duck President Obama “may try to force a diplomatic resolution for Israel and the Palestinians at the United Nations.”

The president is presumably now reviewing those options, which number about half a dozen.

He may be preparing to recognize a Palestinian state at the U.N. before he leaves office, WSJ reported. A more likely option would be to support a resolution, put forth by some other country such as France, that denounces Israeli settlements. He is also reportedly weighing the option of sanctions against organizations that support Israeli settlements by using IRS regulations.

These are all punitive measures that Obama could take, all aimed at last-minute score-settling with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to one Middle East expert.

“If Mr. Trump wins, this would be a way to sort of trip him up right at the beginning in terms of re-establishing ties with Israel,” Jonathan Schanzer of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told the Journal just days before the election.

“This could very well happen,” says Robert Spencer, author of the JihadWatch blog and a bestselling author of several books about Islam. “Obama may hope to pressure Israel into accepting a Palestinian state on Israeli land, or a definitive end to the settlements.”

In Obama’s farewell speech to the U.N. on Sept. 20 in New York, he made a point of denouncing Israel’s right to much of its land. He said the Jewish state would be better off if it did not “permanently occupy and settle Palestinian lands.”

Even the left-leaning Israeli newspaper Haaretz called the speech “starkly anti-Israel.”

Bachmann, a staunch supporter of Israel, said she has been speaking for weeks about the possibility of Obama launching a parting shot at the Jewish state.

Former Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann

Former U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.

“Obama is the most anti-Israel president America has ever had. His antipathy towards the Jewish state is obvious for the world to see and boils continuously and irrationally under the surface,” Bachmann told WND.

“He has been waiting until after the election, when he knows a U.N.-member country will offer a U.N. Security Council resolution to divide Israel from her biblical lands of Judea, Samaria and east Jerusalem,” she added.

Obama could then decide to not exercise his veto over the resolution and the illegal resolution would stand.

But now that Trump has won, Bachmann sees the chances of this happening as far less likely.

“Now there is a nearly zero chance the U.N. and Obama will do this. There’s no point, as it would be undone before the resolution ever had a chance to go into effect,” she said. “To me, this was one of the top benefits of a Trump victory. This is good for Israel, and it’s great for the U.S. We want to be in a place of blessing.”

Laurie Cardoza-Moore

Laurie Cardoza-Moore

Laurie Cardoza Moore, president of Proclaim Justice to the Nations,  also doesn’t believe Obama will get away with any such maneuver.

“If Obama tries to force the recognition of a Palestinian state at the UN Security Council, or a resolution condemning Israeli settlement construction, he would create such an outcry from across the United States,” Cardoza Moore told WND. “Obama, and his failed policies were defeated on Tuesday. Americans rose up with their votes to say, ‘enough is enough.'”

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To try to push either of these initiatives would ultimately bring greater humiliation on his already disgraceful legacy, she said.

“Obama would always be remembered for this final parting shot against Netanyahu,” she added. “Given President-Elect Trump’s commitment to stand with Israel, I have no doubt he would immediately rescind this decision upon taking office on January 20th, as he has promised.”

Pastor, author, radio host Carl Gallups

Pastor, author, radio host Carl Gallups

Christian author and radio host Carl Gallups said he would be surprised by almost nothing Obama tried to do in his final weeks in office.

“A preemptive anti-Israel-sovereignty maneuver of this sort would, in my estimation, present a President Trump with an urgent set of challenges, not only from the geo-political standpoint but also from a biblical/spiritual standpoint,” said Gallups. “I believe Donald Trump will have sufficiently surrounded himself with capable advisors and strategy experts, but I also think he will keep his promise to be a great friend and defender of Israel.

“To those of us who are aware of the biblical concerns in this matter, we know that dealing with a potential crisis of this nature would have to become a top priority,” he added. “The handling of it, or mishandling of it, could indeed prove to have biblically prophetic ramifications. For America to sit idly by and allow Israel to once again be ‘divided’ and to permit strategic land given over to the proven and avowed enemies of Israel, does nothing but invite the unmitigated judgment of God upon us.

“I urgently maintain that we are living in the most prophetic times since the first coming of Jesus Christ – and this possibility serves as just one more reminder of how true that assertion is proving to be.”

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