Now that the presidential election is concluded, some may be wondering if they’ve made the right choice; this will be especially true in the African-American community with a Republican president and majority in Congress.

The media are putting the African-American community on the defense, fearing that President Trump and a Republican majority will launch a massive attack on the civil rights gains of African-Americans. While this is not true, it is a position consistently promulgated by the mainstream media. One of the primary reasons Republicans have remained on the defense among blacks is because they’re portrayed by the media as “insensitive.”

For years, GOP spokespersons were always white, so the Democrats, with token black spokespersons, were able to stay on the offense by utilizing the ubiquitous cry of “racism.” The character assassins on the left and in the media, like good Marxist propagandists, consistently trot out the “racist” tag on cue. Remember, when epithets are used, reason is not.

If a President Trump and Republican-dominated Congress are to see progress in the black community they, as did the Democrats after the Civil War and Reconstruction, must initiate a definitive change in strategy.

Conservative talking points should have as their focus the destructive elements of the modern, socialist-type programs that are favored by neo-socialists (i.e., Democrats). Here are a few suggested steps that could be implemented with a minimum of restructuring or financing.

In order to communicate effectively to the black community, President Trump and the Republicans should immediately begin to:

  1. Disregard the conventional wisdom espoused by the liberal press that civil rights legislation was promoted by Democrats.
  2. Recognize that the unelected “black leadership” is not really representative of grassroots black America.
  3. Focus on the 80 percent of churchgoing, hard-working, nuclear African-American families (without forgetting the remaining 20 percent).
  4. Engage and employ black conservatives.
  5. Don’t apologize for slavery; this, too, is perpetuated by Democrats.
  6. Black conservative spokespersons should, utilizing the latest statistics, consistently point out that most legislation supported by the “progressives” is, in fact, inimical to the interests of the black family.

Let us keep firmly fixed in mind that the black family – which faced slavery, discrimination, poverty, depressions and even wars – has survived everything except government help.

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