Many industries originated in America, only to be offshored to other countries apparently never to return. But Craig Wolfe, president of CelebriDucks, has single-handedly brought the rubber duck industry from overseas back to the USA!

And why not? The rubber duck was an American invention before the entire industry moved offshore in search of cheaper labor. But Wolfe’s CelebriDucks became the top custom duck manufacturer in the world as well as the only one producing them in the USA – even exporting them to China!

Not all CelebriDucks are made in USA as the migration back to America is gradual, but you can easily find the ones that are here on their Made in America page. Also on the “Made in America” page, you can watch a video clip of CelebriDucks being made at the New York facility. The American-made rubber ducks can be purchased here.

But even for the ones that are imported, all the artwork and sculpting of the entire line is done right here in the USA.

Of course Wolfe would love to bring all the work for all of the CelebriDucks back to the USA right away, but you can understand why this might be a gradual process when you learn that overseas molds are around $1,500 and the same molds in the United States can cost around $14,000 for the level of intricacy that is done.

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For the CelebriDucks that are made here, when Wolfe says they are 100 percent made in USA, he means it. From the artwork, sculpting, final production, packaging, hang-tags, and inside weights, absolutely everything is entirely made in the USA. This American-made line includes Hatched in the USA SAM, Lila Loon, Pork Chopper (think Harley-Davidson), and The Good Ducks in pink, blue, and yellow colors.

The Good Ducks are 100 percent made in Michigan and the Hatched in the USA SAM, the Pork Chopper, and the Loon 100 percent in New York.

For the New York-made ducks, the weights inside the ducks (which you can’t see) are made in Illinois. The little cap that covers the weights on the bottom is made in Dallas, Texas, and their little hang-tags are printed in Nashville. The Good Duck gift boxes are made in Indiana.

Also, many of the custom CelebriDucks are made in America for clients that insist on only “Made in USA” and are willing to pay the extra price to support American jobs and industry. You can check out these custom-made ducks here, which include Harley-Davidson, United Way, Future Farmers of American (FFA), the State University of New York, and Marquis Spas, among others.

And right now, initial artwork is being done to garner interest to add the U.S. Navy Sailor duck in 2017 which will be 100 percent made in the USA and would be the first ever military rubber duck made in America instead of China. Wolfe is trying to get enough advance orders to move into production. I have already signed up for the advance order list for the U.S. Navy Sailor duck, and I hope you will too!

And the benefits of owning their new American-made, Good Ducks instead of Chinese-made ducks are many. The Good Ducks, made in Michigan, are the safest rubber ducks in the world for babies to teethe on. CelebriDucks listened to the concerns of mothers over many years and this new line is PVC Free, Phthalate-free, and BPA-free using food and medical grade materials. They float upright (you would be surprised of the many consumer complaints on Chinese-made ducks that don’t), are soft to the touch, recyclable, latex-free, paint-free, and will not mold. And the best part is that babies love them as you can see looking at the pictures of them teething on them in the Made in America section on their website!

Besides being voted one of the top 100 Gifts by Entertainment Weekly, the company has been featured on The Tonight Show, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, CNN, ABC, NBC, Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, The New York Times, Chicago Sun-Times, Los Angeles Times, and hundreds of other media outlets worldwide.

So whether you like CelebriDucks because of safety concerns like those mentioned above or the fact that many of them are 100 percent made in USA or a combination of both, I hope you’ll check out their wide selection of unique, safe, and domestically-made ducks. When you do, you’ll be encouraging the return of an entire industry back to the United States and the American jobs and economic prosperity that go with it.

Check out the best of Roger Simmermaker, in “How Americans Can Buy American” and “My Company ‘Tis of Thee” in the WND Superstore.


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