Is this Bigfoot or something else running across a Russian road? (Video screenshot)

Is this Bigfoot or something else running across a Russian road? (Screenshot)

We’ve all heard the legend of Bigfoot.

Or the yeti.

Or the Sasquatch.

Or “the Abominable Snowman.”

And now, the latest entry into the mystery is a video from Russia that shows two tourists getting startled by an unidentified figure they believe is the creature darting across a snowy road late at night.

The dashcam video is said to have been recorded in the Republic of Bashkortostan, between the Ural mountains and the Volga River near Russia’s border with Kazhakstan. The tourists were driving 22 miles from the nearest village, close to Mount Bolshoy Iremel with an elevation of 5,213 feet.

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The video, posted on YouTube Nov. 17, already has more than 200,000 views and has been covered by news agencies in Russia and across Europe.

As the men were talking in the car, suddenly a blurry figure can be seen running from right to left within range of the headlights, surprising the men, who stopped the vehicle for a moment.

“It was clearly visible that the creature runs on two legs,” said Vadim Gilmanov, who was in the car, according to the Express.

“Maybe it is somebody’s joke, but who would do it in such a remote place at night?”


The news made it to Russian TV channel NTV, which broadcast the headline: “Mysterious creature resembling yeti scared tourists in Bashkirian forest.”

One report said “the yeti was covered in white hair.”

“No single expert – zoologist or paleontologist – has ever found a single bone of a yeti, not even excrements, I am sorry,” said Dr. Anatoly Yakovlev, a zoology expert at Bashkir State University. “Nothing was ever found or seen.”

Yakovlev told the Express: “Usually, these sightings are some hallucinations, a product of the imagination.”

Media have reported another possibility that the figure was actually a wild-animal poacher on the run from police.

Russia is a popular place for Bigfoot “sightings,” with most reports in the Siberian region of Kemerovo.

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