Realizing that the true public opinion of him fell far short of his personal bravissimo and overinflated opinion of himself, President Obama sought to proselytize blacks to once again hail him as worthy as the general election closed in upon him.

He begged them saying: “I need you to go out and nag the heck out of folks who aren’t voting [for me]; I need you to tell them that Barack is personally asking them.” He said that he would take it as a “personal insult” to his legacy if they did not turn out and vote.

In what this columnist viewed as an Erebusic act, Rep. G.K. Butterfield, D-N.C., who is chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, opined that: “President Obama will take it as a repudiation if we, [i.e., blacks] don’t vote [for him]. We’ve got to make sure that doesn’t happen. We’ve got to protect the Obama legacy.”

It was tragic to observe the person who had been received into office with godlike praise and adulation some seven years ago now reduced to begging his former “flock” to support a wholly corrupt, diseased, barely ambulatory, incoherent, shoddy old “white” woman, so as to preserve whatever was left of his imagined legacy. A shoddy old “white” woman, whom I might add, hates the ground he walks on.

It was tragic because it did not have to end this way. Obama, even though many of us despised his policies, could have in fact had a legacy that could at least be honestly debated. In reality, however, the only thing that can be debated with any degree of truth is how much worse he was than President Jimmy Carter, and his wasted possibilities – as I said in one of my VideoRants, titled: “Obama Could Have Been Great President,” But alas, he near single-handedly gutted the Democratic Party by costing them majorities in House and Senate, by costing Democrats governorships and by costing Democrats state-level seats. He lied to the American people and looked down upon us with the contempt of a feudal lord for serfs.

It wasn’t that Obama lied as such – he’s a politician and that’s what they do – he lied and then personally boasted, along with his malevolent jackals, how clever they were in putting one over on We the People. Obama did it with “cash for clunkers”; those he surrounded himself with joined him in boasting of the public’s “stupidity” pursuant to the Iran deal and Obamacare.

His wife took usufruct to unparalleled extremes and heretofore not witnessed levels of spending and an in-our-face lavish lifestyle with a disregard that exceeded that for which Marie Antoinette was legendary.

Obama, as I have stated numerous times, had the opportunity to end the fractious divisiveness of race mongers. Obama had the golden scepter with which to virtually speak racial discord and the fomenters of same into oblivion. Instead he embraced and consciously increased racial animus and immiseration.

Obama embraced and projected the lowest common denominator of moral propriety – all the while preening and sneering contemptuously at those he viewed as beneath him, or perhaps more accurately stated, those he viewed as his subjects.

And while we can thank him for proving beyond deniability that Americans will fight cultural-Marxism and the neo-Leninist application of same to our dying breath, Hillary Clinton would have cemented said political zeitgeist. Or so Obama certainly believed, which is why he was begging blacks to vote for her.

It is a truism that any life is a terrible thing to waste. Said bromide is multiplied by infinity when a life with the potential to accomplish great things and the goodwill to reset history in a positive way for generations to come is wasted by self-indulgent vanity, contempt for civility, disregard and disrespect for those who strove to believe in him.

Obama has no legacy save that of being the first “color” to hold the highest office in the world. But legitimate and truthful historians will view his time in office as a period to advance America in a positive way that was lost and squandered.

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