Pope Francis offered some advice about the devil and hell in a sermon Friday – warning Christians not to talk to Satan and suggesting eternal damnation is not a “torture chamber.”

“He is a liar and what’s more is the father of lies, he generates lies and is a trickster,” Francis said of the devil. “He makes you believe that if you eat this apple you will be like a God. He sells it to you like this and you buy it and in the end he tricks you, deceives you and ruins your life.”

Reading from the book of Revelation, the Roman Catholic Church leader talked about what the Bible describes as the “second death,” or being thrown into the “pool of fire.”

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“Eternal damnation is not a torture chamber,” he said. “That’s a description of this second death: it is a death. And those who will not be received in the Kingdom of God, it’s because they have not drawn close to the Lord. These are the people who journeyed along their own path, distancing themselves from the Lord and passing in front of the Lord but then choosing to walk away from Him. Eternal damnation is continually distancing oneself from God. It is the worst pain, an unsatisfied heart, a heart that was created to find God but which, out of arrogance and self-confidence, distances itself from God.”

He said, however, that hope lies within turning to and encountering Jesus.

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