Praise God! America has a chance

By Joseph Farah

He was eviscerated by the media establishment unlike any previous presidential candidate.

It wasn’t just “bias” he faced. He battled Democratic apparatchiks posing as reporters, editors, producers and anchors.

He was savaged by the official Democratic Party.

And he was beaten up by his own party’s establishment.

Still, Donald Trump fought back. He improvised. He overcame.

No candidate ever had more tangible assets in her political piggy bank than did Hillary Clinton – money, organization, dirty tricks, betrayal by the opposition, the “press” in her pocket.

At the end of the long night, it didn’t matter.

America decided it was time for a change.

But, I like to think God smiled on America, maybe because of the prayers of so many forgotten people – people who began to wake up and realize they just didn’t recognize their country any more. They thought about their kids and their grandkids and what kind of world would be left for them if we kept going down the same road at 70 mph.

Donald Trump might not have been the first choice of these folks, but they understood what four years of Hillary Clinton would mean for their America.

Then there were the other forgotten Americans:

  • When he thought no one was listening, Bill Clinton talked about the white working class that saw no future. It was a rare moment of candor and lucidity.
  • Black Americans didn’t turn out with the same enthusiasm they did for Barack Obama. Maybe they realized their lives were no better after eight years of Democratic paternalistic rhetoric. Maybe they just didn’t like Hillary.
  • And the Democrats believed their own propaganda that suggested Hispanics were in the bag and, like Hillary and company, actually believed in open borders and illegal immigration. They really never did. But Donald Trump didn’t tell them what he thought they wanted to hear; he told them the truth instead. And they responded better to him than they did to the Republicans who spoke to them in Spanish.

To say I am pleased about the result would be a gigantic understatement.

I always believed Trump had it in him.

He challenged political correctness – something no Republican presidential candidate dared to do since Ronald Reagan. He flat-out broke its back.

He gave people hope for a better life – and they got hope.

More than anything, he fought back hard when they came after him – something else unprecedented in Republican politics in decades.

Yes, I believe in him, even though he wasn’t my first choice.

Way back in March, I not only said I thought he could win, I said he could win BIG, even to the extent of creating a political realignment.

It was about shooting straight with people, pulling no punches, calling a criminal a criminal and calling corruption corruption.

The Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways. He doesn’t always use the people you would expect him to use to exercise His will.

He often uses people who are, shall we say, a little rough around the edges to bring justice, bring relief to the persecuted and answer the prayer of His saints.

He answered mine on Tuesday.

I only had one vote to give for my country – because I’m not a Democrat.

But I had lots of prayers to offer – and offer them I did.

I’m more encouraged than ever at just how that works. Maybe that’s what America’s other believers needed – a little encouragement to turn to God for the desires of their heart, a little encouragement to cry out against the oppression and bondage they feel.

Praise God first.

And thank Donald Trump for working so hard.

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