Independent thinking and comparative analysis of the two major parties revealed to voters that Trump had common sense, was willing to bravely step into the arena and in the spirit of our Declaration pledge his life, fortune and sacred honor to help Americans regain our freedom. That is why he won.

Our government is too large, too bloated, and we the people made too weak. The Ivy League political attorney elites have done such a good job and been so brilliant, but at what?

Oh, yes, and brilliant at creating a $20 trillion debt, opening our borders, overlooking a massive illegal drug trade, fanning racial tensions that put our police in jeopardy, decimating our industry with trade deals that redistribute our wealth and innovations to other parts of the earth, and complicating every law and every tax form, adding massive regulations for every sector of life. Yet they can’t even efficiently deliver the mail to our mailboxes or understand why boys shouldn’t be using the girls’ bathroom.

They failed, they lied and they were fired by people who voted for the most committed leader we have seen in decades. Now we deplorables with common sense, our Declaration and Constitution will downsize the bureaucracy, prosper and strengthen the people.

We will starve/shrink the bureaucracy and free up the people; we will arm the people and control the government; we will limit the government and remove limits from ALL people.

On Jan. 20 we will once again have a government of, by and for the People. Please let us all be patient and stay calm.

Study our two founding documents and see that we must make major corrections to rededicate America to the proposition that all men are created equal. May we indeed have a new birth of freedom.

We the People have spoken. Thank you, Mr. Trump, for leading the charge. You have made us think again about being great again … together.

William Hanchosky

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