Reactions to the presidential election are still simmering and boiling over with attacks, riots and demonstrations involving people of all ages.

All because a Republican candidate named Donald Trump won the election.

Millennials, and others too soft of brain matter, are acting like crybabies because their beloved Hillary lost.

Reportedly, Hillary Clinton herself has been having some crying jags about losing. After all, she believed she was destined to be president.

So much for that.

Somehow liberals never learned it is possible for a liberal to lose an election.

As for Donald Trump, he shocked all the pundits who decided it would be a Clinton win.

It wasn’t, it isn’t, and they can’t get used to it.

On the other hand, an election many thought would be a shoo-in for the incumbent, didn’t turn out as expected.

In this case, it was the re-election campaign by Joe Arpaio, the 84-year-old sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona.

Sheriff Joe was in a race for his seventh term as the top lawman of his county, but the longtime incumbent was defeated by Paul Penzone, a retired Phoenix police sergeant.

Over the years, Arpaio was considered unbeatable, but when he started enforcing immigration laws, and made no bones about it, it all started crashing down on him.

Arpaio, known as “America’s toughest sheriff,” is known for his crackdown on lawbreakers and for enforcing Arizona’s law regarding illegal aliens. Given the influence of Hispanics in the state and the enormous problems with illegals, Arpaio became the perfect target for pro-immigration factions.

It wasn’t bad enough there were people in Arizona who opposed him, but then the feds got involved. He was hammered on every possible legal aspect of what he was doing. Over the years, the costs to the people to defend him grew to over $30 milliion and questions started to be raised.

His opponents saw this as a possible way to get rid of Joe – and the temptation drew in millions in support money, which included money from George Soros.

The issue was focused and painted Joe Arpaio as a foe of immigration, Latinos and anyone not white.

Mind you, all this was going on while Arpaio was running his re-election campaign. He was successful in money raising – some $12 million – much from out of state. But media, local and national, had a field day – stressing his legal problems and accusations that he profiled Latinos in traffic patrols. Other campaign issues were ignored.

On top of that, the government, up to and including the White House, targeted him for legal issues – claiming he profiled Hispanics. Then within days of the election, a judge charged him with contempt for allegedly disobeying a court order, an order that essentially says he has to ignore enforcing the law. His trial date is Dec. 6, and if found guilty, he could face a jail term.

But his campaign was hurt by the money clout of George Soros who spent $2 million to defeat Joe. In addition, there was $500,000 from Laura and John Arnold, Texas billionaires and $250,000 from Steve Jobs’ widow. With that amount of money, Arizonians were drowning in anti-Arpaio bilge. It makes you wonder what they were afraid of.

They were afraid Arpaio would win. The outside money and the dollars raised in the state were used to build a case against him as anti – anti – anti – bigot – bigot – bigot – racist –racist – racist.

There were door-to-door campaigns in Latino neighborhoods, a coalition called “Enough Arpaio” and organized efforts to engage young people in the campaign against him.

The reality was – and is – Joe Arpaio is a law-and-order man. When people cross the border illegally, they have broken the law, and he saw it as his responsibility to enforce the law.

Interestingly enough, Joe Arpaio comes from an immigrant family, but, as he told me, they came into this country legally.

I never met him in person, but he was a guest on my San Francisco talk-radio program many times. I was impressed with his experience and his dedication to the ideal of law enforcement and keeping a safe community for all citizens. He’s a logical thinker and straight shooter.

His is a classic example of what happens when the powers that be – read that government, from the White House on down – pulls out all the stops to get rid of someone they perceive as an impediment to their plans for power.

Poor Joe didn’t stand a chance this time, not only because of the enormous power of the Soros money but because of the united efforts by local, state and national immigration rights activists against him and the use of the courts to bring him down.

I’ve never donated to any political campaign, but this year I broke my own rule and twice sent a modest donation to Joe. There was no way I could impact his campaign, but I wanted to be a part of his fight for right.

I’m sure he has no idea I did it, and it doesn’t matter.

One of the most ludicrous comments I saw after the election was from the Associated Press, which said Arpaio’s defeat shows “Arizona voters care little about immigration.”

Tell that to Arizonians whose lives have been disrupted and ruined by the criminal activities of illegal aliens in the state. I know. I’ve talked with many of them.

Shame on Arizona – for punishing a good man because he was being railroaded by your own government and millions in outside money.

Shame on the federal government, which is still after him, charging him with breaking the law by following the law.

Arizonans should want law enforcement to get the bad guys, and keep illegal aliens out of the country. People here illegally are breaking the law.

We’re on the road to anarchy with Obama’s Justice Department. They may have succeeded in getting Joe out of office for now, but this story isn’t over. They wanted to destroy a good man, but they didn’t break his spirit.

We haven’t seen the end of Joe Arpaio, and that’s a good thing.

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