The end is in sight

By Burt Prelutsky

With just hours to go, I have no idea if the end referred to in my title is the election or the United States of America. If Mrs. Clinton wins the presidency despite her lies and well-documented corruption, it means that even after eight years of Obama’s malfeasance, the majority of voters are more concerned with electing someone, anyone, with a “D” after his or her name than with the future of the republic.

One of the fascinating tidbits to be gleaned from the Wikileaks dump is that not only did Barack Obama lie when he said he had known nothing about Mrs. Clinton’s private server until he read about it in the newspaper, but that he used an alias when communicating with his secretary of state. What I haven’t been able to discover is what pseudonym he adopted for those occasions. Was it something as unique and absurd as Anthony Weiner’s “Carlos Danger” or was it something more appropriate, perhaps along the lines of [email protected]?

If Donald Trump manages to pull out a victory Tuesday, it will be a bigger upset than the one in 1948 when Harry Truman defeated Tom Dewey and the pollsters. Trump not only has to beat the odds by defeating the woman who has been expecting to be coronated for the past eight years, but defeat the media, as well as various members of the State and Justice Departments who have done everything in their power to rig the election.

Worse yet, he will have to defeat the Never-Trumpers who put personal pique over the best interests of the nation. They’re the punks who are more distressed by someone who occasionally talks dirty than by a public servant who, by word and deed, has shown that she belongs in the big house, not the White House.

When people used to talk about corruption in politics, it usually involved some political hack accepting a free weekend at a golf resort or perhaps a $10,000 bribe from a contractor. Heck, it wasn’t all that long ago that reputations used to be destroyed over a vicuna coat or a stereo system. It took the Clintons to raise corruption to new heights or depths, if you prefer.

A for-profit school, Laureate University, paid Bill Clinton $18 million to be its honorary chancellor. Maybe it’s just me, but for that kind of money, I think Clinton should also have had to coach their nationally ranked football team, the Laureate Lions.

Although I know he only agreed to host his Fox show until the election, I, for one, wish Brit Hume would stay on. For one thing, being the consummate professional, he’s never overt, but I sense that he is a Republican. For another, I have come to love that portion of his show that he calls Campus Craziness. Each day, he shares the latest news proving that colleges have been transformed into something that combines the worst features of a nursery school and an insane asylum.

If not for Brit Hume, how would I know that at Middlebury College, the administrators have decided that it’s just fine if the students decide to fly the Black Lives Matter flag? I assume they wouldn’t object if campus Muslims decided to hoist the ISIS flag, which resembles the one belonging to the BLM, which actually makes sense, considering the makeup of the two groups.

Speaking of what is jokingly referred to as higher education, a recent poll found that only 42 percent of college students had any idea who Mao was, only 40 percent could identify Che Guevara, and only a third had heard of Karl Marx, although most of them thought he was related to Groucho, Chico and Harpo.

A large percentage of these future doctors, lawyers and engineers believed that George W. Bush had killed more people than Josef Stalin. They also believed that America had introduced slavery to the world, and although 90 percent of them were aware that Thomas Jefferson had owned slaves, only 10 percent knew he had ever been president.

It’s bad enough that these millennials are as dumb as rocks and that they get to vote, but a lot of them are the offspring of conservative parents. Perhaps it’s time some of you stop driving the kids to soccer practice and start driving home conservative values and beliefs. Instead of just warning them about strangers offering them candy, it’s past time you start warning them about ignorant teachers and pinheaded professors spoon-feeding them socialist gruel.

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It should embarrass all of us, Democrats as well as Republicans, to hear the president claim that Hillary Clinton is treated differently because she’s a woman, while falling back on the cliché that when a man is ambitious, it’s considered admirable, but when a woman is equally ambitious, she’s a man-eating bitch.

Having worked for both men and women in my life, I know that every ambitious man is not regarded as a paragon of virtue and not every ambitious woman is dismissed as a harridan. The difference is that the lousy male boss isn’t called a bitch behind his back, but a number of things far worse.

What Obama has chosen to ignore is that Hillary Clinton is treated differently because she is a unique creature. She is the only presidential candidate who has an extensive track record of corruption and treason. Unlike most traitors, she didn’t sell out our secrets the way atomic spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg did, out of a dangerously naïve loyalty to the Soviet Union, but for no other reason than to conceal the source of the influence-peddling bribes paid to the Clinton Foundation.

I’m not surprised that most Democrats will vote for Mrs. Clinton, unfazed by the number of scandals swirling around her. After all, leftists in America, like those around the world, subscribe to the belief that the ends invariably justify the means. When it comes to promoting their loony agenda, “by hook or by crook” isn’t a last resort, it’s actually the title of their playbook; a playbook whose authorship can be traced to the reprehensible likes of Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky, Noam Chomsky, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

The truth is that the American left is generally anti-war in the extreme, always preferring, as exemplified by Barack Obama and John Kerry, to deal with our existential enemies by setting a good example rather than by confronting them. That is why the U.S. now deals with being taunted by Russian jets and Iranian boats by turning the other cheek. It is why after Iran captured a U.S. patrol boat and filmed the humiliation of our sailors, Secretary of State Kerry went on TV to thank the ayatollah for releasing them. It also explains why Obama gave the No. 1 state sponsor of Islamic terrorism over a billion dollars in cash and provided them with a clear pathway to a nuclear arsenal.

The irony is that left-wing pacifists believe that all grievances can be settled peacefully by abiding by the Geneva Conventions, the Marquis of Queensbury rules and the dictates of the U.N., except when it comes to patriotic conservatives. When it comes to dealing with those of us who object to scrapping the Constitution and enlarging the size and influence of the federal government, kneeing, gouging and kidney punching are not only acceptable, but preferred.

A few weeks ago, when a Clinton victory over Trump seemed inevitable, I wrote to a friend who was concerned about the Democrats cheating that it didn’t look as if cheating would be necessary, and that if the Clinton camp engaged in it, it would merely be out of habit.

But now that the polls indicate it might be a horse race, I don’t think you need suffer from paranoia to believe that the Democrats will engage in all sorts of chicanery to ensure her victory.

The fact that Mrs. Clinton might yet be indicted by the Justice Department or impeached by a Republican House doesn’t really faze them. If they have to settle for a Tim Kaine presidency, it won’t make the slightest bit of difference. The fact that Sen. Kaine repeatedly sold out to his Muslim constituency in Virginia will no more trouble them than the fact that Mrs. Clinton has spent a great many years selling out America to the highest bidders.

The left pretends to hate the moneyed class, but it’s only rich Republicans that repulse them. If the schmuck worth billions happens to be named George Soros, Mark Cuban or Warren Buffett, they’re convinced he walks on water. The irony is that you will find very few members of the DNC, Occupy Wall Street or the BLM who give a hoot about the rather exceptional fellow who really could pull off that particular trick.

Instead, as you’ve probably noticed, they tend to dismiss His followers as those knuckle-draggers who cling to their guns and their religion.

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