I’d like to say that as of Tuesday night, it will be over – meaning the 2016 presidential election campaign – but in my heart of hearts, I know that regardless of who wins, that election furor will not end.

If Donald Trump wins, the Democrats will never end their railing and challenges and fight to delegitimize a Trump presidency. They will do everything legal and otherwise to fight that result.

If Hillary Clinton wins, the Republicans and independents will do the same to show that all the pre-election indications of a fix were absolutely correct and they will pursue every means of getting Clinton, and many of the people around her, behind bars.

But as I write this and as you read, it isn’t quite over. People who do not want Hillary Clinton to be the next president of this country have time to ensure that.

The polls – however accurate they may be – are showing that the margin between Trump and Clinton is closer and closer. In fact, many areas thought to be solid Clinton territory may not be sure things.

Reports are that there is chaos in the Clinton camp, and the latest slurs tossed at Donald Trump have veered from womanizing to accusations of Nazi sympathizing.

Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel. Desperation isn’t pretty.

Poor Hillary. It’s sad to see an old woman who claims to be so experienced, so educated, so accomplished, so smart, so talented, so able and so – well, so whatever else – flailing in her desperate attempt to fend off the truth of the illegal activities she is and has been involved in and how she has put the security of our country at risk.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has maintained the high ground, calling Clinton to task for the FBI revelations and the WikiLeaks e-mails – as well he should – but he’s also maintained a level of statesmanship in presenting his positions of what he envisions for this country under his leadership.

There are those who still think third party because they claim to dislike both candidates.  They’re foolish because the truth is that any vote that’s not for Trump is, in fact, a vote for Clinton.

They fight that reality, but it doesn’t change it. If you don’t vote for Trump, any other vote helps Hillary – and we don’t need a lying, corrupt, cheating, devious, reckless, lawless, two-faced, conniver in the presidency who does all she can to undermine this country and put us all at risk – to say nothing of the rest of the free world.

This has been the filthiest, nastiest, most divisive political campaign I’ve ever seen, perhaps on record. It’s been called a swamp, and unfortunately everyone involved in it has been dragged through, deservedly or not, the result of our sick, corrupt system.

Clinton open fire on Trump with both barrels, but she has the help of what used to be called the “news media.” It’s not “news” anymore – it’s a cabal of liberals who claim to be journalists but who, in fact, collude with the Democrats to get their candidate portrayed in the best possible light.

They did a yeoman’s job with Clinton, pulling out all the stops, but she is so corrupt that the truth is out and she can’t escape it.

Whether, and how, she might face the legal music remains to be seen. But there’s no doubt, regardless of the election results, Hillary Clinton is in trouble up to her ears. Whether she ever pays the price for her scandalous activities is a big question mark. Given the Clinton ability to skate, I wouldn’t put money on it today.

So while Clinton harps on what she perceives as Donald Trump’s failings, he campaigns to thousands of people at his many appearances, stressing his goals for the country.

He is consistent in stressing his support of conservative principles. He says he and his vice-presidential running mate, Mike Pence, will work together to return this country to its historic liberties.

He stresses his goal for a conservative Supreme Court and has issued a list of possible candidates. Donald Trump stresses his pro-life position and that he will assure all Americans their religious liberties. He expresses strong support for the Second Amendment – yes, support for the entire Bill of Rights.

The economy is important for him, as are jobs for Americans, cutting taxes, encouraging trade and enabling American businesses to return home.

He wants illegal immigration stopped, legal immigration reformed, and a border wall built, which he says Mexico will pay for.

He wants the government out of education and wants family choice for schools.

Whether the media or the Clintons like it or not, Donald Trump is touching the core of traditional Americans who want our country protected.

He was a long-shot for the presidency, and he might just pull it off, but only if people listen carefully to what he says and look carefully at the chaos of Hillary Clinton.

Remember, this is a woman who said, “The time has come for religious institutions to change their outdated, deep-seated, cultural, religious and spiritual beliefs.”

How’s that for a threat to religious liberty and life issues?

I have no doubt that the results of this election are crucial for our country. We will either move ahead with Donald Trump to a more secure future or stay in the political, crony-driven, money-obsessed cesspool that is the world of Hillary Clinton.

Remember, if you don’t vote for Donald Trump, you are putting Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office, even if you vote third party or don’t vote at all. And that means the end of our country as we knew it.

Dramatic? Yes.

True? Yes.

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