A whistleblower in the United Kingdom is warning that prosecutors are abandoning forced-marriage cases as “too hot to handle,” and a group that works with persecuted Christians says it also isn’t intervening in “death threats and actual attempts to kill” in the Muslim community.

The concern comes from Barnabas Aid, which reported the whistleblower’s alarm over forced marriages in some cultures within Britian.

“However, there is another related area of honor crime that is still largely being ignored by both the police and CPS: the violence and coercion experienced by those who convert to Christianity from a Muslim family background,” the ministry said in a website statement.

Barnabas Aid said such conversions “are frequently viewed by their families and the wider community as bringing shame on them, leading to various forms of coercion and violence in attempts to force them to convert back to Islam.”

“This can often involve imprisonment in a room or a garage, sometimes extreme physical violence, attempts to trick them into going overseas and forced marriage when they get there, as well as death threats and actual attempts to kill them.”

The ministry explained that such issues are “largely ignored.”

“For example, the Inspectorate of Constabulary did not even assess the responses of police forces to honor-based violence until last year,” Barnabas Aid said. “When it did so it found that only three of 43 police forces were properly prepared to tackle honor-based violence.

“However, more disturbingly, the Inspectorate of Constabulary’s own report failed to even acknowledge the existence of attempts at ‘forced reconversion’ back to Islam – even though this is a very typical experience for Christians who have converted from a Muslim family background.

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“There is a serious danger that the concept of ‘hate crime’ is being selectively applied to crimes affecting some communities, but not others – with anything that implies criticism of Islam viewed as ‘too hot to handle.’ Acts of violence against Christians from a Muslim family background must never be ignored for fear of provoking ‘community unrest’ – if we do that then we effectively allow mob rule to replace the rule of law in those areas,” it said.

The comments were sparked by a report in the London Telegraph about Scotland Yard whistleblower Det. Sgt. Pal Singh, who alleged the “apathy” of prosecutors led recently to the collapse of what “could have been the first conviction for forced marriage in England.”

The Crown Prosecution Service, he claimed, dropped the case despite police pleading that it would send a strong message to the community.

Singh, who has been commended three times by the force, the Telegraph reported, said he is alarmed by what he sees as “serious miscarriages of justice.”

“It is in the public interest that I speak out. There appears to be an apathy from the CPS when prosecuting cases where Asian women are victims of honor-based violence. A conviction would lead to unrest in the affected community but if they discontinue a case they know most victims won’t complain due to their vulnerability.”

In the specific case, he said, a brother and his parents were charged with assault, false imprisonment and using violence to coerce a forced marriage.

The 27-year-old victim had alerted police after her family attacked her when she resisted their efforts to force her to marry. Her allegations had been corroborated by an independent witness, the Telegraph said.

The news organization said Jasvinder Sanghera, who works with a charity supporting victims of force marriage, said the details of the case were appalling.

“It pains me to hear the officer has done all the right things only for it to be pushed back,” she said.

The number of forced marriage cases in the country nearly doubled in five years to 90 in the most recent reporting period.

The U.K. prime minister, Theresa May, previously has expressed support for tackling such issues as forced marriages and female genital mutilation. As home secretary, she worked on legislation on both.

Barnabas Aid said it repeatedly has urged the recognition of crimes such as “forced reconversion” as recently as a few weeks ago.

“Mrs. May, while home secretary, made some excellent progress in introducing policies to tackle forced marriage and FGM; we now call on her to follow through on this by tackling this third aspect of honor-based violence – attempts at ‘forced reconvserion’ back to Islam,” the ministry said.

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