Un-rigging America

By David Kupelian

“RIG”: 1. to manipulate or control, usually by deceptive or dishonest means (“rig an election”); 2. to fix in advance for a desired result (“rig the contest”)

When I was a little boy growing up in the 1950s, one of America’s most-watched TV programs was the legendary CBS quiz show, “The $64,000 Question.”

At its peak, an astonishing 55 million Americans were watching the show weekly, mesmerized by contestants answering impossibly tough questions and winning astronomical amounts of money – then having to choose whether to keep their earnings or risk it all to double their haul, from the $1,000 question to the $2,000 question, to $4,000, $8,000, $16,000, $32,000, and finally the grand prize of $64,000.

Other TV quiz shows, like CBS’s “Dotto” and NBC’s “Twenty-One” rode this huge wave of popularity, all achieving sky-high ratings and ad revenues – that is, until May 1958 when it was discovered that “Dotto” was rigged, winners and losers having essentially been pre-selected by the show’s organizers.

Before long, the whole quiz-show phenomenon came crashing down, as former contestants from other programs stepped forward to confess they too had been “coached.” One contestant, a Christian minister named Rev. Charles E. “Stony” Jackson, gave details to a grand jury, testifying as to how he had been provided answers during his “screening” that enabled him to emerge victorious. But his conscience bothered him, and he later spilled the beans. Within a few weeks, “The $64,000 Question,” “Twenty-One” and “Dotto” were history, and the president of CBS, Louis Cowan, was forced to resign.

So that was my introduction to “rigging.” Sitting at our kitchen table and listening to my parents talk about it, I can still remember the surprise I felt as a 9-year-old. It was jarring. It made no sense. Why would anyone do that? What’s wrong with people?

Today, of course, as an adult I understand that fallen human beings often set aside ethics and honesty in favor of lying and cheating – and sometimes robbing and stabbing people in the back – to get what they want.

Which brings us to the 2016 presidential election.

For starters, the entire Democratic Primary – carefully orchestrated to create the illusion of a fair contest between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and intended to draw in tens of millions of Americans, create excitement and generate tons of money – was one giant fraud. The program’s organizers had pre-selected the “winner” and rigged the show to permit no other outcome.

As long as the contest appeared fair, the public loved it: Millions of Sanders supporters got fired up, held rallies that filled stadiums, donated lots of money and voted their hearts out. The vast Clinton machine, meanwhile, could barely fill a medium-sized school lunchroom rally, but racked up hundreds of millions in Wall Street money and virtually all of the unearned “super-delegate” votes. The “mainstream media,” in their pathetic role as full-time propaganda wing of the Clinton campaign, did their part and enthusiastically reported how great Hillary was doing and how far ahead of Bernie she was – thanks primarily to the DNC’s outrageously rigged super-delegate system.

When Sanders voters eventually realized (with WikiLeaks’ help) that the whole affair was a cynical charade meant to fool them into believing their candidate ever had a fighting chance, they felt betrayed and complained bitterly.

But no problem: While Team Hillary bought off Bernie at convention time and appointed a new DNC chair to replace outed primary fixer Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the establishment was busy rolling out yet another game show – an even bigger, more exciting and high-stakes one – called “The 2016 General Election.”

‘Coaching’ contestants before show time

As Donald Trump rightly observed throughout the campaign – and despite his ultimate victory – the whole election process was rigged on many levels, most visibly, of course, in the absurdly biased news coverage of the two candidates dished out by the establishment news media.

Based on an in-depth analysis of 588 news stories on ABC, CBS and NBC, a staggering 91 percent of broadcast networks’ election coverage of Donald Trump was outright hostile, according to the Media Research Center. No surprise there, since the Center for Public Integrity has revealed that 96 percent of journalists’ donations to presidential candidates went to Hillary Clinton.

Thanks to WikiLeaks, the media collusion became so overt as to be darkly comical – with, for example, Donna Brazile (the new and improved DNC chair who replaced the disgraced Wasserman Schultz) being revealed to have acted as a Clinton mole while working at CNN, passing Sanders intel on to Hillary’s campaign and tipping off Clinton about multiple town hall questions ahead of time.

Sort of like quiz-show honchos fixing the contest by secretly “coaching” their chosen winner before show time.

Since most of what the public sees and hears about the presidential candidates comes to them through the totally pro-Clinton filter of the major media, the “rigged” label seemed fair enough.

Ironically, journalism is the one profession explicitly protected by the Constitution in the First Amendment. Why? So it could not be crushed, interfered with, intimidated or otherwise rigged by a power-mad government. Unfortunately, no law, not even the Constitution of the United States, can stop people – including journalists – from being dishonest, deluded or just stupid.

Rigging the vote

Media collusion is just the most visible part of today’s “rigged system.”

Every election season brings with it talk of voter fraud. As a rule, Republicans say it’s real, while Democrats say it’s right-wing paranoia (while simultaneously calling Republicans racists intent on “suppressing” minority voter turnout).

The reality? From touchscreen voting machines that magically switch votes from Republican to Democrat, to alarming numbers of non-citizen voters and repeat voters and “walking dead” voters and so on, not only do voter fraud and abuse constitute a threat to America’s elections, but the left actively encourages such abuses – for example, by maniacally fighting to quash common-sense voter ID laws.

As Pulitzer-winning columnist George Will explained on Fox News’ “Special Report with Brett Baier” on Oct. 17:

I think when most Americans hear that an election is rigged, they think of government action to rig the election. And there Mr. Trump has a point. … It is hard to think of an innocent reason why Democrats spend so much time, energy and money, scarce resources all, resisting attempts to purge the voter rolls – that is, to remove people who are dead or otherwise have left the jurisdiction. It’s hard to think of an innocent reason why they fight so tremendously against voter ID laws. They say, that burdens the exercise of a fundamental right.

The Supreme Court has said that travel is a fundamental right. No one thinks showing an ID at the airport burdens that fundamental right. We know – we don’t surmise – we know that the 2010, ’12 and ’14 elections were rigged by the most intrusive and potentially punitive institution of the federal government, the IRS. … And I have talked to lawyers in a position to know, they say it’s still going on – that the IRS is still intolerably delaying the granting of tax-exempt status to conservative advocacy groups to skew the persuasion of this campaign.

Undoubtedly, the left’s biggest vote-rigging strategy remains rigging the electorate itself by importing as many immigrants as humanly possible, since statistically the vast majority of modern-day migrants, legal or illegal, lean Democrat. The left doesn’t seem to mind that, in the process, America’s culture, values, economy and national security are being permanently harmed. Creating a permanent progressive voting majority is paramount, regardless of the cost, to assure uninterrupted progressive rule and to prevent those evil racist Republicans from ever again taking charge of the country. That’s how the left rigs the game.

Thus, for example, a large and ever-expanding Hispanic immigrant population put both Arizona and Texas “in play” for Democrats in 2016. As former Republican Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas has said, it’s “an open secret Obama is trying to flood Texas with illegals to make it into a blue state” with a Democratic majority.

Now let’s delve into the heart of the matter. If we really and truly understand how and why we are living under a “rigged system,” then and only then is there hope to change it.

Unrigging the game

What are the rules of the American system?

From its inception, America’s legal rulebook has been the U.S. Constitution and the various state constitutions. Our nation’s economic system has been free-market capitalism, and biblical, Judeo-Christian values have long undergirded our dominant culture and moral code.

Question: While everyone knows America has been wrenched away from its roots in all of these areas in recent decades, who or what has instigated the rebellion against – and virtual abandonment of – this nation’s core operating systems?

Answer: The left.

Whether you prefer the term “the left,” “progressive,” “Marxist,” “statist,” “socialist” or “communist,” it is the left that has relentlessly undermined, defamed, attacked and ultimately led the near-total rejection of all that made America great.

Throughout his presidency, Barack Obama has labored ceaselessly to rig (“fundamentally transform”) the American system on every front. For example, Obamacare. Both Obama and Hillary Clinton are on record as claiming what they really wanted all along was total socialized medicine, codenamed “single payer.” Thus Obama and the Democrats repeatedly lied to the American public and barely passed Obamacare into law, expecting it would fail and thereby lead inexorably to what they wanted all along.

In October, the media breathlessly reported what conservatives had predicted for years – the dramatic unraveling of Obamacare. Failure, you see, was always part of the rigging. An unwieldy, unworkable, monstrous hybrid of private insurance and government control, Obamacare would inevitably fail, destroying the private insurance option and leaving only one way forward, however despised by most Americans: total government control of health care.

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert recently affirmed this scenario to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto: “You had clues all along the way,” he said. “They knew this was gonna cost a fortune, that things were gonna skyrocket and they anticipated someday they would get to this point and tell the American people, ‘Well, we gave the insurance companies a chance, and now the government just needs to take it over. …'”

Rebelling against the highest law

Our courts are rigged. Judges, like politicians, cynically swear an oath to uphold the Constitution, while many revel in violating it. Why? Because their left-wing moral and ideological sensibilities impel them to rig (“transform”) the American system by abandoning its core values, which they pretend to embrace but secretly hold in contempt.

To put it plainly, the party and ideology of rigging is the progressive-left Democratic Party. The whole Alinsky modus operandi is to work within the system one detests – as a clever alternative to outright revolution – so as eventually to overthrow the hated system, in this case, the Constitution, capitalism and biblical morality.

Indeed, it’s not just man-made law like the Constitution that the left is obsessed with subverting. As I wrote recently in “How the left revels in violating the 10 Commandments”:

The political and cultural left … simply cannot operate without violating all of the Ten Commandments. …

The great British leader Winston Churchill (whose bust was ejected from the White House immediately after Obama took office in 2009) described socialism as “the gospel of envy.” Churchill’s concise phrase encapsulates two profound truths: One, socialism is a religion to its adherents, and two, it appeals to and institutionalizes one of the darkest parts of human nature – envy. In thus glorifying and ennobling covetousness, socialism not only violates, but utterly rejects, the Tenth Commandment: “Thou shalt not covet.”

What about “Thou shalt not steal,” the Eighth Commandment? What is “wealth redistribution” but left-wing demagogues’ pious euphemism for stealing from one group and giving a small portion of the spoils to others, thereby amassing an ungodly amount of wealth and power for themselves? …

How about the Sixth Commandment, “Thou shalt not kill” (or “Thou shalt not commit murder”)? Setting aside the 100-200 million people slaughtered or starved during the 20th century as a direct result of the imposition of the far left’s insane totalitarian-utopian system, just look at today’s America: More than 3,000 innocent babies slain in their mothers’ wombs every single day (the same number as died in the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks). …

The Seventh Commandment is “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” Were this one commandment observed, the ever-metastasizing “sexual revolution” of the 1960s, brought to us entirely by the left, would disappear – and along with it the Pandora’s Box of tragedies and disasters unleashed by normalizing and glorifying extramarital sex. …

The left and its political fortress, the Democratic Party, never ceases to violate the Ninth Commandment, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” Indeed, the left’s No. 1 battlefield tactic for occupying new ground is its nonstop defaming, demonizing, suing and lying about conservatives, Christians and others who oppose its blindly destructive advances. …

Most Americans have very little reason to want to rig the system simply because they are happy, indeed infinitely grateful, for it – for the traditional Judeo-Christian cultural and moral values that have allowed Western civilization to flower; for the brilliantly inspired Constitution of the United States with its limited, divided government and expansive Bill of Rights; for free-market capitalism, proven to provide the highest quality of life and health for the largest number of people of any system in history.

And yet, the radical change agents and revolutionaries of the left insist on trying to rig the most successful system in human history to fail, and thus advance their collectivist, anti-American and increasingly globalist agenda. The agenda of globalists – brought to center stage by the presidential campaign of Donald Trump – largely converges with that of leftist progressives since both favor open borders and centralized power and both inherently reject a pro-American worldview.

To the extent America’s major institutions are run by the left, they are rigged, because the left operates by rigging and subterfuge – that is, it pretends to do one thing and to follow the rules, while actually violating the rules at will, so as to bring about a totally different result – a rigged result.

The big question

For decades, the hearts and minds of Americans have been under withering assault from the left. Our federal government has increasingly become a malignant cancer. Our educational system is a cesspool of secular progressive poison. Our establishment news media have become a propaganda ministry for the secular progressive elite. And Hollywood is dominated by enormously talented but freakishly troubled, corrupted and confused people.

As a result of all these negative influences and many others, millions of Americans are simply broken. As I document in my recent book “The Snapping of the American Mind,” a staggering 130 million Americans are dependent on toxic substances – alcohol and mood-altering drugs, legal and illegal – just to get through life. Tens of millions are slaves to various addictions. Beautiful, intelligent young people are brainwashed to believe socialism is good and capitalism is evil, that America is a dark, predatory nation, that confused men should be allowed to use women’s restrooms and that dozens of new genders now exist in addition to the two (male and female) we knew about from the beginning of human history until a few months ago.

Bottom line, millions of us – especially younger Americans – have become somnambulistic, shallow, self-absorbed, pleasure-seeking, ever-distracted people – blissfully ignorant of who and what we are, of human nature and the laws of God, of how the world works, of economic reality, of the necessity of responsibility and sacrifice, and of the basic lessons of history. Such as these have become walking, talking invitations to clever change agents, eager to deftly rob us of our birthright – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

No wonder so much of our country is being rigged under our noses.

Consider the warning of Pennsylvania’s founder and first governor, William Penn: “If men are not governed by God, they will be ruled by tyrants.”

That’s what has happened to America. But it’s not too late – especially with the surprise election of Donald Trump as president, and what many consider to be nothing less than a divine reprieve from having to endure the reign of a screeching, lying, ever-deceiving Hillary Clinton.

The question now is, can we finally awaken from the progressive trance? Can we rouse ourselves from this long and stifling sleep and the dreamy delusions that have captured so many Americans’ minds thanks to the secular left’s pied pipers? Ultimately, the “un-rigging” of America has to start with us.

Can we simply stop being seduced and believing pleasant lies, and instead stand up and calmly but firmly speak the truth, in love? Can we stop hating and blaming, and instead just reclaim our God-given blessings as Americans, as people of God, as intact families, as defenders of the nation we love, as people of conscience, common sense, innovation and courage – which would finally give us a fighting chance to win back our beloved country?

That’s the $64,000 question.

Adapted from the November issue of Whistleblower magazine, edited monthly by David Kupelian. Subscribe, or learn more about Whistleblower, here.

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