Why an atheist won’t be elected president

By Ray Comfort

History shows us that the United States has never had an atheist president. Why? Because very people few trust an atheist.

Polls tell us that 50 percent of U.S. voters prefer a presidential candidate to be a politically inexperienced, marijuana-smoking adulterer, rather than an atheist. This is because, despite their protests to the contrary, an atheist cannot say that rape, adultery, theft, lying, or even murder is morally wrong. If an atheist should protest and say that these things are wrong, by what standard would he make such a moral judgment?

The usual reply is that “society” determines right from wrong. However, “According to the Associated Press, sodomy laws remained on the books in 13 states as of the middle of 2003. ‘Sodomy’ was illegal for everyone – gay and straight – in Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah and Virginia.”

Once upon a time our government even produced short public service films warning young people to beware of homosexuals. Other states even had laws against adultery and blasphemy. Times change.

So if in the future, society changes again and legally sanctions the taking of human life – of the elderly in the convalescent home, for example – societal murder becomes morally acceptable.

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The only way to conclude that there are moral absolutes is to conclude that there is an unchanging moral Law Giver of an unchanging moral Law. The atheist refuses to do that, and so for him nothing can be absolutely wrong.

This is why polls say that most Americans trust an atheist as much as they trust a rapist, and why it’s illegal in some states for an atheist to run for office. One study concluded:

“RESULTS: Distrust, not disgust, is the motivation behind believers’ antipathy against atheists. In one of the six trials, participants found a description of an untrustworthy person to be more representative of atheists than of Christians, Muslims, gay men, feminists, or Jewish people. Only rapists were distrusted to a similar degree. CONCLUSION: Lack of trust is the reason why some people of faith are prejudiced against atheists.”

It is because an atheist has no solid moral ethic that you can’t trust his word. For him, the end can easily justify the means. Atheists claim that there are 60 million of their kind in America, but statisticians reveal an exaggeration of 40 million. Pew Research Center’s 2014 Religious Landscape Study found that just 3.1 percent of American adults said they were atheists when asked about their religious identity. You cannot trust his word when he tells you that evolution is scientific, or about those in history who were atheists. Activist atheists maintain that there were five U.S. presidents who were atheists: Thomas Jefferson and four others. None of them was. They will also tell you there’s no proof of God and that religion has caused more wars that anything in history.

Nor should you trust an atheist with your teenage daughter, in the workplace or in the legislature. This is because of their track record. History reveals that atheists have been responsible for the slaughter of 110,000,000 human beings.

It’s because of these things that it’s political suicide for any political candidate to even whisper that he’s a closet atheist. That’s why there are no atheists in Congress.

And anyone who denies the existence of God defaults to the insane and scientific impossibility that nothing created everything, as does leading atheists professors Lawrence Krause and Richard Dawkins. The Bible rightly calls an atheist a fool, and only a fool would vote for a fool to govern the country.

So, if on some distant day an atheist gets to place his hand on a Bible while taking the oath of office, and ends with the typical “So help me God,” God help us. Until then, on Jan. 20, regardless of who wins, Americans will usher in another president who believes in the existence of God.

See Ray Comfort’s many compelling books and DVDs at the WND Superstore

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