Let’s be honest and realistic about what is taking place in America today – about one month before the new duly elected president is to be sworn into office.

We’re in the throes of a coup, a junta, an effort to derail the constitutional election process by hook or crook, a dishonest, by-any-means-necessary, banana-republic-style power play, unlike anything we’ve seen in the traditions of American politics in 240 years.

Do I have it about right?

Would you agree?

Let’s recall how Donald Trump was the presidential candidate who was singularly pressed to pledge acceptance of the outcome of the election no matter what. Hillary Clinton was the presidential candidate who was appalled at Trump’s hedging and later made the unequivocal pledge herself.

So much for giving her word.

Since then here’s what has transpired:

  • There’s an unprecedented, active political campaign to turn Electoral College representatives sworn to Trump away from him. Why? Not because the vote was rigged, not because the election system was hacked, not because he won the votes fraudulently, but simply because they don’t really like him. Is this kind of behavior in the spirit of America’s proud tradition of peaceful transitions of power? Of course not.
  • The Big Media that were in the tank for Hillary Clinton throughout the campaign is not giving up, either. Instead, they are whipping up hysteria about unproven, unsubstantiated, sourceless, “fake news” stories about a fantasy conspiracy by Russia, and now specifically Vladimir Putin, to hack the Democratic National Committee and release embarrassing emails through WikiLeaks.
  • Hillary Clinton has gone dark – giving her plausible deniability and cover as a non-participant in this shameful breech of the American political tradition of peaceful transitions of power. However, it’s not plausible and it’s not deniable that she relishes what is happening – clinging to whatever hope she has left of grabbing the power she believes has always been rightfully hers.
  • The disappointed supporters of Hillary Clinton and the strong opponents of Donald Trump continue to be whipped up into a frenzy that is profoundly dangerous to the peaceful transition of power. The goal seems to be continuing unrest, chaos, civil strife, permanent disenchantment – all supported by a tacit Hillary Clinton and an active Democratic Party political establishment characterizing the Russian hacking fantasy as “bigger than Watergate, bigger than 9/11.” Excuse me? If this is not conspiracy mongering and “fake news,” what truly is? Where is the evidence? What laws were broken? Who has been indicted? And why the Democrats’ sudden outrage about alleged foreign involvement in an election when, in the past, they have courted such involvement and pushed U.S. policies to involve the government in the elections of other nations?

What we are witnessing right now in the behavior of the Big Media, leftist organizations and the Democratic Party borders on a criminal racketeering conspiracy to overturn a U.S. presidential election – one in which they did their level best to win through voter fraud, lies and disinformation from the beginning.

Do I exaggerate?

Should we take this lightly?

They will never just accept the will of the people in a constitutionally conducted election.

They will continue to cheat, connive, deceive and disrupt as long as there is even the faintest chance of getting their way and stealing the election.

That’s why I call this the “Hillary junta.”

They will never give up. They will never relent. They will never accept Donald Trump as president. They will never admit they were beaten fair and square.

Because their standard is the very un-American notion that the ends justify the means.

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