As predicted, the Wicked Witch is back!

By Larry Klayman

I told you so!

Hillary Clinton and her despicable criminal comrades are not through trying to destroy the nation. Having lost the presidential election fair and square – despite the fact that the Democrats got millions of illegal aliens and criminals to vote in states like California and elsewhere – the Wicked Witch of the Left has arisen from the politically dead and resumed her attempted overthrow of America along with her equally criminal accomplices.

These accomplices include the sleazy John Podesta (Hillary’s corrupt campaign manager), Jennifer Palmieri (her low-class press spokesperson), Cheryl Mills (a sleazy Clinton lawyer and confidant), Huma Abedin (who is Hillary’s Palestinian girlfriend and “adviser” and tied to Muslim terrorists and interests), Harold Ickes (who is Mafia-connected) and Terry McAuliffe (the dishonest Hillary Clinton fundraiser and crooked governor of Virginia where much of the illegal-alien and criminal voting fraud occurred).

These bottom feeders drafted Green Party candidate Jill Stein – a radical leftist socialist/feminist – to raise millions of dollars to mount a fraudulent recount of votes in three crucial battleground states: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

The goal of Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein and their leftist comrades: to undermine and overturn the election of Donald Trump as president!

In my last column I predicted that the Clintons and their socialist, atheist, pro-Muslim, anti-law enforcement Black Lives Matter enablers would not go quietly into the night. Despite appearing to concede the presidential election, the Wicked Witch Hillary Clinton will never go away unless we drop a legal “house” on her and squash her permanently, just like the Wicked Witch in “The Wizard of Oz.” Clinton is an evil force, also much like Darth Vader in the “Star Wars” movies. The only way you legally “kill” someone like this is to keep the legal pressure up and finish off her and her husband, the degenerate Bill Clinton.

That is why I strongly objected when President-elect Donald Trump took the evil Wicked Witch at her word and accepted her concession on election night, naively adding that she would not be prosecuted under his incoming administration since she is a “good person” and “has already suffered a lot.” Well, although I do not endorse political candidates as the head of a non-partisan public interest group, I am very happy that Donald Trump won the presidential election, but unfortunately, in his glee at winning the presidency he got caught up in the mainstream media-induced desire to be liked and has let his guard down.

But we cannot let our guard down.

They are a scourge on our freedom and the continued existence of the republic. They are like a terminal, life-threatening disease that must be eliminated through whatever legal means we have at our disposal, before the country goes down for the count.

That’s why our first order of business is to ensure that the Clinton-Stein recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan are done fairly and honestly. Jill Stein and her ultra-leftist socialist feminists – who serve as a front for Hillary Clinton and her criminal comrades – have already raised about $7 million to try to overturn the presidential election results with phony recounts and fraud.

To stop them, Freedom Watch and I have intervened in the recounts (see, as I did in the 2000 election when Judicial Watch intervened in the Gore v. Bush case to ensure a free and fair result there. You might remember watching me, then as the chairman and general counsel of Judicial Watch, participating in the trial in Tallahassee, Florida, before Judge N. Sanders Sauls.

The case, which George W. Bush ultimately won at the United States Supreme Court, kept the Clintons’ vice president and co-criminal, Al Gore, out of the White House and, for the time being, saved the nation from more destructive bribery and influence by the communist Chinese and others who had gotten their dirty hooks into the Clintons and Gore and compromised American national security.

Now, with even more at stake for the country, we must do this again to prevent Hillary Clinton and her slimy corrupt crowd from illegally claiming the presidency and the White House. Together, we must fight her and her disgusting enabler – Green Party leader Jill Stein – tooth and nail, and put down their fraudulent efforts to overturn the presidential elections results. Time is short as these recounts must be legally quashed to allow President-elect Trump to take office in January and avoid a disruptive fight that will throw the nation into chaos and potentially even civil war.

Stay tuned. The final battle is about ready to be fought!

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