Jake Fedele

Jake Fedele

A boy in Western Australia was sent home from school because he showed up with a “boy’s haircut,” according to Australia’s News.com.

Jake Fedele, a sophomore, went to school at Corpus Christi College in Perth Monday, but his mother says he was sent home because teachers claimed his hair was too short and could “offend” someone.

“This morning he went to school on his last day to get his exam results … he text[ed] me and said, ‘Mom, I’ve been told to go home. I’m not allowed to be at school. My hair is too short,” his mother, Sandra, told radio host Gary Ashead.

Jake decided to get a haircut because he and his family were invited to attend a wedding.

“He got it cut short on the sides, and he’s got it just a little bit long on the top,” Sandra said. “It’s not even two centimeters long on top, not like it’s a fringe down to his nose or anything like that.

“He’s just got a boy’s haircut, literally a boy’s haircut, and he’s got a side part.”

Jake’s cut is longer than a standard haircut seen on soldiers serving in the U.S. military or sported by many businessmen.

But Sandra claimed the teachers told Jake that students are prohibited from having haircuts shorter than a standard No. 2. So Jake’s barber wrote a note to the school that said the boy did, in fact, have a No. 2 cut “but it could look shorter because he has fine hair.”

The school allowed Jake to go back to class, but reportedly told the student he must wear a hat to cover his head during the school day.

Sandra said the hat requirement was so Jake’s haircut wouldn’t “offend” teachers or students.
“How can that offend anyone? He’s got to wear a hat now,” she said.

“I said, ‘you’re discriminating against my child.’ It’s just wrong.”

As for Jake, he told the news site he believes the school’s actions were “stupid.”

“I thought it was silly,” he said. “I don’t know why they stopped me for my hair, told me I had to go home. I think it was stupid.”

News.com reported that Sandra has received overwhelming support from people on Facebook since she went public with the haircut story.

The school hasn’t responded to the site’s requests for comment.

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