Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes is well-known for his Hollywood acting chops, and now the action-film star is adding “author” to his résumé with a supernatural thriller titled “Talon of God.”

The novel tells the story of a beautiful young doctor, Lauren Jefferson, who is pulled into an apocalyptic battle between the forces of heaven and hell. Lauren’s wingman for the fight is “spirit warrior and legendary man of God” Talon Hunter.

The novel is co-authored by Ray Norman and will hit book stores in July of 2017.

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“My creativity has largely played out in film and television – but I’ve always had a desire to write a book,” Snipes told Entertainment Weekly. “Collaborating, crafting, creating this novel, ‘Talon of God,’ was a new and exciting experience for me … and I can’t wait to see if this story finds life in other forms. I hope all the people who enjoyed my films will appreciate the story I’m trying to tell in ‘Talon of God.’ Ray Norman and I worked hard to write a book that would be compelling to the wide audience of people who love action and adventure.”


‘Talon of God’ centers on the apocalyptic battle between heaven and hell.

Snipes described writing the book as a “new and exciting experience,” and said that he and Norman developed “Talon of God” with the intention of eventually bringing it to the big screen.

Snipes explained the premise of the book to Deadline.

“There are spiritual warriors that inhabit this planet who are here to help balance out the evil forces, and they are always looking for the next apprentice. And when they find the next apprentice to train – the next heir apparent – then they can move on to the higher realms.”

Snipes describes the lead character, Lauren, as “a very spiritual person chosen to be a holy warrior here on Earth.”

He said he hopes the book will inspire readers to reflect upon the role faith plays in their lives.

“There are spiritual questions. Are there demonic forces in the world that manipulate us into doing things that are not in our best interests or into accepting conditions that are not in our best interests? The human mind is pretty intriguing, why we do some of the things we do?” he asked.

Snipes was a relative newcomer to Hollywood when he appeared as Michael Jackson’s nemesis in the 1987 music video “Bad.”

He followed that up with appearances in a succession of box-office hits, including “Major League,” “Mo’ Better Blues,” “Jungle Fever,” “White Men Can’t Jump” and “Blade.”

He most recently appeared in the 2015 NBC series “The Player.”

Snipes also famously waged an unsuccessful battle against the Internal Revenue Service. The actor was convicted in 2008 on three misdemeanor counts of failing to pay his taxes for three years for 1999, 2000 and 2001, although he was acquitted of felony charges.

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