Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

While the establishment media and some elected officials are sounding the alarm about supposed Russian interference in the U.S. election, experts say a more dangerous foreign meddler is being ignored – American “ally” Saudi Arabia.

A recent report from German intelligence indicates Saudi Arabia is funding the growth of the fundamentalist Salafist form of Islam.

Along with fellow Muslim states Kuwait and Qatar, Saudi Arabia is accused of being behind a “long-running strategy to exert influence” through supposed Islamic charitable networks.

Philip Haney, author of “See Something, Say Nothing” and a former Department of Homeland Security analyst who tracked Islamic radicalism, says the report is no surprise.

“Along with the West, Saudi Arabia emphatically insists that it does not support terrorism, yet has supported Hamas for several years, along with the Taliban,” he told WND. “Since the West considers both Hamas and the Taliban to be terrorist organizations, while Saudi Arabia continues to support them, we must first acknowledge that the West’s understanding of what constitutes an ‘ally’ is fundamentally different than Saudi Arabia’s understanding.”

Haney said Western leaders are slowly beginning to understand Saudi Arabia is a potential threat to democratic values because of conflicts in Syria and Yemen. However, Haney said the media is not acting as a proper watchdog in calling out Saudi interference.

“For several decades, the mainstream media has been hesitant to honestly address many of the threats we face here in the West,” Haney said. “Specifically, the evidence of Saudi influence isn’t really hard to find, but the media has abrogated its founding purpose, which is to investigate and report the truth, no matter what part of the political spectrum it may be in.

“If America (and the West) intends to remain allied with Saudi Arabia, we need to redefine our relationship by re-emphasizing our own national interests, while refusing to compromise our values  – gained at a great cost – and also by becoming more energy independent. Then, and only then we may actually be able to develop a healthy, reliable alliance with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Pamela Geller, the internationally renowned anti-terrorist activist and the author of “Stop the Islamization of America,” also said energy independence is a critical step for the West and the United States to take. However, she denied any possibility Saudi Arabia could be considered an ally.

“It is using the West for its own advantage, and for the advantage of Islam,” she said. “Saudi influence is more extensive than any of us realize. Numerous former diplomatic personnel stationed in Saudi Arabia become lobbyists for the Saudis. They are bought. And the Saudis have spent billions to spread the Wahhabi ideology around the world.”

Geller suggested Saudi influence should be feared more than supposed Russian influence, as “the Saudis are actively working to destabilize the world, the Russians are not.”

Indeed, Geller urged the West to “break all ties” with the Saudi regime.

G.M. Davis, a Ph.D. from Stanford University and the author of “House of War: Islam’s Jihad Against the World,” argues the new report from German intelligence is simply a confirmation of what most educated observers already know: Saudi Arabia is “the leading government sponsor of Islamic terrorism in the West and around the world.”

“Since at least the late 1970s with the jihadist campaign against the Soviets in Afghanistan, the Saudi government and top-ranking individuals have pursued a policy of exporting jihad to the non-Muslim world as a means of spreading Wahhabist influence abroad as well as keeping a lid on violence at home,” he explained. “Saudi Arabia is a totalitarian Sharia state, utterly devoid of basic freedoms, in which homosexuals are beheaded, adulterers stoned, women routinely beaten in public, and children indoctrinated with a virulent hatred for Christians and Jews. That Saudi Arabia is still considered an ally of the West only testifies to the state of confusion in Western policy and the West’s own complicity in jihadist activity.”

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Davis said the United States has often served as a partner of the Saudi regime in spreading militant Islamism.

“Starting with the jihad in Afghanistan against the Soviets begun during the tenure of President Carter, every U.S. administration has supported jihad in some form against a non-Muslim or relatively secular power,” Davis said. “Reagan in Afghanistan, Bush and Clinton in Yugoslavia and Bosnia, Bush II in Iraq and Kosovo, Obama in Libya, Syria, and elsewhere. The unhappy fact is that the West, led by the U.S., has been happy to support jihad abroad in order to pursue its geopolitical ambitions, many of which are directed against a revitalized Russia. But it has proven extremely difficult to get the jihadist genie back in the bottle. It was the same Saudi jihadists that the U.S. helped get into Bosnia in the 1990s who later, with fresh Bosnian passports, set up shop in Germany and plotted 9/11.”

Davis contrasted the media-promoted “conspiracy theories” about Russia with the “almost total neglect of Saudi Arabia in the mainstream media as the leading culprit behind Islamic terrorist activity in Syria and the orthodox Islamic program more generally in Europe and around the world.”

“Saudi Arabia continues to shelter behind the fact that it is the world’s marginal oil producer, the only oil exporter capable of significantly increasing production if it desired,” Davis explained. “Furthermore, thanks to its prodigious oil revenues, it has both major U.S. political parties and the neoconservative/neoliberal foreign policy establishment in its back pocket: the cozy relationship between the Saudis and the Bushes, for example, is legendary, while we have learned a great deal from the leaked Clinton/DNC/Podesta emails about the closeness of the Saudis and the obnoxious Clinton Foundation.”

Rather than seeking confrontation with Russia, Davis urged the new Trump administration to seek cooperation with Putin’s government to cut off the Saudi leadership from Western capital. He also urged sanctions on the Saudi regime and developing sources of energy and trade relationships which would cut the Saudis out of the market. Most importantly, Davis urged Westerners not to be fooled about the reality of their so-called ally in the Persian Gulf.

“The two pillars that keep the Saudi polity alive are brutality and oil,” Davis intoned. “Few more self-serving, repressive, dangerous, and downright villainous governments exist on the face of the earth.”

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