Police lights

Police in Rapid City, South Dakota, say they are investigating a report of a kidnapping by two crooks who apparently have more than the normal quota of chutzpah.

It seems after they had kidnapped two men and locked them in the trunk of the car, they got stuck in a ditch.

So they opened the trunk and demanded the victims push the vehicle back onto the road.

Instead, the victims took advantage of the opportunity and fled, seeking help from a nearby residence.

The report comes from reporter Tiffany Tan of the Journal, who reported the incident happened Dec. 3 but police were only now releasing the details.

They had kept silent because they wanted to pursue a few leads before they brought the case to the attention of the public.

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“Imagine being kidnapped outside a convenience store, forced into the trunk of your own car while the abductors go on a joy ride, and then, when the car ends up in a ditch, being freed from the trunk but told to push the car out of the ditch,” Tan reported.

“Yeah, right. You wouldn’t do it, and the victims of the alleged kidnapping didn’t, either. But that’s what Rapid City police say happened on Dec. 3.”

The victims’ names haven’t been released because of department policy, the report said. The case developed when two men stopped at a quick-stop store for coffee. When they got back in the car, two men with guns got into the backseat and ordered them to start driving.

“After the car left the city limits, the suspects ordered the driver to stop and forced him and his companion to get into the trunk of their car, police said,” the Journal report said.

But then came that ditch.

Police representative Brendyn Medina said the investigation is ongoing. A security video shows the suspects walking across the parking lot and getting into the car right after the victims.

Store Manager Jane Chance told the newspaper the suspects’ faces could be seen clearly, and, “You didn’t even know anything was different.”

The police described the suspects as Native American: one man about 20 to 30 years old, 5-11, medium build and wearing a black zip-up jacket; and the other 5-8 with a slight build and wearing a blue bandana over his face.

The car? It was found later, abandoned by the kidnappers.

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