Leftist news site’s ‘best-case scenario’: Assassinate Trump

By WND Staff


Fusion, the liberal news site aimed at millenials and multiculturals and created by the Spanish-language Univision network in 2013, has joined those who think toying with the idea of assassinating Donald Trump is acceptable political speech.

The site posted a four-panel cartoon Thursday by Matt Bors titled, “The best case scenarios under Trump,” one of which shows a plot employing Melania Trump as a Slovenian double agent being ID’d as her husband’s assassin.

The comic’s other panels hold out hope for anti-Trumpers in a miraculous reversal from the Jill Stein recount, impeachment and total nuclear annihilation.

“Scarlet Letters: The Ever-increasing Intolerance of the Cult of Liberalism Exposed” illustrates how the progressive movement came to mimic a religion in its structure but not at all in its spirit, while profiling those brave individuals who dared to take a stand against this inquisition.

“If President-elect Obama had been the subject of a cartoon like this by conservatives eight years ago, the howls against such a sick display of hate and incitement to violence would have reached high heaven,” noted Ken Oliver-Méndez, director, Media Research Center-Latino.

“If Fusion’s management has any sense left, they should immediately order that the cartoon be taken down.”

The Fusion posting comes the same week leftist activist and filmmaker Michael Moore said “something crazy” could happen before Inauguration Day that prevents Trump from ever taking office.

[jwplayer i8Bp6FrY]

Appearing Wednesday evening on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Moore shared what he called his “prediction”: “[Trump] is not president of the United States yet. He’s not president, right? He’s not president ’til noon on Jan. 20 of 2017. That is – what are we, Wednesday the 9th? – so that’s more than six weeks away. … So is it possible, that within the next six weeks, something else might happen? Something crazy. Something that we’re not expecting.”

Moore did not elaborate on what that “something crazy” might be, but he is actively promoting efforts by groups planning to disrupt Trump’s inauguration.

Only last month when Trump was rushed off stage by the Secret Service at a Reno rally, Fusion treated the scare and early reports of an attempted assassination as “fake news.”

Fusion is not the only publication treating assassination of the president-elect lightly … or worse.

WND reported a feature writer for the Guardian newspaper of London tweeting, “It’s about time for an assassination.”

Another Twitter user posted that the “only” remaining question after Tuesday’s election is who will “assassinate” Trump, the New York Post reported.

Other users even cited the Jan. 20 inauguration as a deadline for assassination.

“Trump chose the literal worst case scenario as VP so nobody would try to impeach or assassinate him,” one user, referring to his conservative running mate Mike Pence, posted on Twitter.

Even America’s schools have been generated threats against Trump.

WND reported an incident last month at Ordean-East Middle School in Duluth, Minnesota, in which a photo of President-elect Donald Trump was placed in a trophy case with the caption “You’re a dead man.”

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The day following last month’s election, a Fusion editorial declared the site “the voice of the resistance” and committed itself to a hard-left political agenda for the Trump years ahead.

“This is our time to prove that we, too, are America – the America of tomorrow. We will not be left behind. We’re survivors, we’re protesters, we’re vocal, and we don’t give up” the editorial concluded.

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A week later, however, Univision announced a six percent layoff after the company slipped into the red, with many of the job cuts targeted at Fusion. The inconvenient business decision came not only a week after the editorial staff’s post-election manifesto, but also a week after the majority of that same editorial staff voted to unionize – a decision opposed by Univision.

One disappointed Fusion staffer told Politico: “The newsroom was empty after the announcement. The remaining staff is uncertain of its future and the toxic morale is palpable. No one can believe that the most talented and hardest working staffers were cut and yet a company that prides itself on diversity and progressive values chose to keep those who’ve contributed the least and make the most.”

Univision chairman, Haim Saban, donated between $10 and $25 million to The Clinton Foundation, reported Newsbusters. His wife, Cheryl, serves on the foundation’s board. Emails of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, released by Wikileaks, showed Saban repeatedly colluding between his network and the campaign.


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