What’s the real damage inflicted by Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power in casting an abstaining vote in the U.N. Security Council on a resolution calling for the immediate halt to building homes in so-called “disputed territories” within Israel’s borders, including in parts of its capital?

Some suggest it will hurt Israel’s standing among the nations of the world.


Some suggest it will provide some air of legitimacy to the anti-Semitic, Jew-hating Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.


But let me tell you with certainty what this disgusting, backhanded, last-minute, drive-by sideswipe by Obama and company against Israel will mean.

Encouragement, aid and comfort to the terrorists who have one thing in mind – constant, bloody attacks on the Jewish state with the purpose of posing a long-term, existential threat to any chance for peace in Israel.

So the next time you hear about a vicious, savage, murderous terror attack in Israel, I want you to remember the names Barack Obama, John Kerry and Samantha Power – not to mention the rest of this administration’s national security and diplomatic hierarchy.

And there will certainly be a next time. Obama knows it. Kerry knows it. And Samantha Powers knows it.

This action demonstrates an unleashed and unhinged level of contempt by the Obama gang for America’s best ally in the Middle East, perhaps its best friend in the world, as well as the only self-governing, free nation in the region.

It has no doubt triggered celebrations among jihadists in Hamas, Hezbollah, the Palestinian Authority and around the entire Jew-hating world.

  • The resolution referred to Israel as “the occupying power.”
  • The resolution demanded a freeze by Israel of home building activity, including “natural growth,” and the dismantlement of all construction of Jewish homes in the last 16 years.
  • The resolution demands Israel refrain from all acts of terrorism against civilians.

It’s an insulting, degrading document that stands the truth on its head, twisting reality beyond recognition and providing credence to the terrorists’ outlandish, off-the-charts propaganda claims.

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This will certainly not make it easier to negotiate in good faith with terrorist supporters who have, in the not-too-distant past, rejected three times Israeli proposals that would have given them up to 93 percent of all their territorial claims.


Because it has never been about a two-state solution – not even for the so-called “moderate” Palestinian Authority. It has always been about protracted struggle leading to the final solution – the destruction of the world’s only Jewish state, a refuge from Holocaust and anti-Jewish persecution around the world.

Why do you suppose the Palestinian Authority will not accept any Jews at all in their would-be Palestinian state?

Why would the world seek to create a state that requires this kind of “ethnic cleansing” as a prerequisite for its charter?

Merely passing a resolution like this represents not only tacit support of terrorism. It also constitutes support for anti-Jewish bigotry.

And by abstaining from the vote, Obama’s gang owns that bloodstain and the stench of hatred and bigotry that goes with it.

I make no apologies for passion about this subject.

I am an Arab-American who once embraced the intellectually and historically bankrupt propaganda of the Palestinian Muslim terrorist disinformation machine.

That was my error.

For the last five years I have spent nearly 10 percent of my time in Israel, as an admirer, as a supporter and as a sympathetic prayer warrior for the one and only nation-state in the world that represents a living miracle – a resurrected land, a resurrected language and a resurrected hope for Jews and Israel-centric Christians like me.

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