Congratulations! You have, for the last 60 years (post Martin Luther King) managed to indoctrinate generations of Americans into your radical, deceitful, erroneous, false narrative of race relations in this country. Your clamorous rhetoric has little by little changed the face of race relations in this country. Since I have been around a while, I know a little bit about what was and what is now.

Not being content with the remarkable civil rights strides of the 1960s, wherein black (and white) Americans successfully, and arm-in-arm, legally protested inequality and subsequently established equal rights, you have exceeded the boundaries of rational discourse on the subject and turned the hard-won civil rights gains on its head – in exchange for some vague idea of “racism” that has no form.

Now we have Black Lives Matter, which is a total corruption of the concept of “civil rights” and which is now seeping into our educational system, impacting our judicial system, destroying civil discourse and distorting truth until it’s become a threat to our society.

The black community now boasts 330,000 abortions every year, an illegitimacy rate of 75 percent, inner-city murders that are off the chart and climbing, and widespread frustration and despair – and for what? Why?

Observing the attitudes and perspectives of the younger generations today, you can see your handiwork. How is it working for you? And who is paying the price for this ginned up anger toward “whitey”?

Yes, there was time in our history when race relations were desperately off course for a civilized society; no longer could we live together with such unacceptable inequities. The time had come. There was, among both black and white Americans, a determination to look the problem squarely in the eye and work together to make life in the United States fair and equitable for everyone. Black and white Americans won the battle together. We passed amendments to guarantee equal rights to blacks. We were on the way to putting the past behind us.

Then, to self-promote and self-aggrandize, so-called “civil rights leaders” began to gripe, complain, demand steps such as affirmative-action and reignite racism, all based on absolutely nothing. Vapor.

What was once a great victory for America has now become a reverse image of what was before. Now blacks are fighting and complaining about something I call “virtual racism.” What limitations exist in the black community that still require fighting for? What is to be gained by the relentless accusations of “racism” against white people who, by and large, are not racist? (That is, for now. Keep it up, and it will become a self-fulling prophecy.)

There may be a touch of racism here and there; no one is claiming every single American is perfect. However, you’ll notice that the overwhelming majority of white people are busy living their lives and are not concerned about any differences between us.

So, since you “civil rights leaders” have created the mess we are all now living with, maybe you should figure out how to clean it up. But then, we all know that’s not going to happen, don’t we?

It’s up to the black community to step into reality, lose the “civil rights leaders” and their diatribes, read a little bit, learn some history (which you can find in my book, “Black Yellow Dogs”), let go of the past (which most of you never suffered) and get on with reaching for the American dream.

You might be surprised at how good life can be for you here in a country where there really is “liberty and justice for all.”

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