A man kicks a young woman down a flight of stairs in a Berlin, Germany, subway station. (Video screenshot)

A man kicks a young woman down a flight of stairs in a Berlin, Germany, subway station. (Video screenshot)

Video emerged Wednesday of a young woman in a German subway station being kicked down a flight of stairs by an unidentified man, and some are calling an unprovoked attack by a “migrant gang.”

The security footage from the station in Berlin was posted from several sources, including the German newspaper Bild, which published it online with the headline, “Shocking video.”

See the video from Bild:

The newspaper provided headline narration stating:

man-kicks-woman-down-stairs-berlin-subway-300“Multiple men follow a young woman into a subway station.

“Unaware, the 26-year-old begins to walk down the stairs as one of the men brutally kicks her.

“As the men calmly walk away, passers-by hurry to help her. She has to receive outpatient treatment.

“According to police, the attack was unprovoked. A police complaint for assault has been filed.”

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The YouTube channel Freedom USA posted the uncensored video without any headlines, but noted, “This is cultural jihad. Gangs roam the streets and terrorize the weak.”

The uncensored video of the attack:

It has not been reported if police have any suspects, and it cannot be confirmed at this point if the perpetrator is actually a migrant.

But on the Act for Germany YouTube channel, commenters are blaming the attack on Muslim migrants, with remarks including:

  • “Please, Germany, be more tolerant.”
  • “Showed too much skin obviously.”
  • “I see the cultural enrichment is going well.”
  • “Obviously these are doctors creating more jobs by breaking everyone’s bones.”
  • “Seriously Germany, why do you even permit this freaks to walk free and do whatever they want? Send them back to their country. I don’t think the world is gonna say something bad about it but well done, and finally! Enough is enough.”
  • “Don’t forget to vote Merkel. Germany needs more enrichment.”

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