Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

It seems like politics continues to be a very weak subject for contestants on the popular game show “Jeopardy.”

On Tuesday night’s broadcast, the show included an entire category in the Double Jeopardy round devoted to Congress.

The $2,000 clue featured a smiling photo of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, with the text referencing her role as a Florida congresswoman and recent head of the Democratic National Committee who resigned in 2016.

The three contestants were speechless, all uncertain of whom they were looking at, prompting host Alex Trebek to disclose the proper response of Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

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This is not the first time political figures have left the “intelligent” folks on “Jeopardy” clueless.

In June 2015, when shown a photograph of Barack Obama’s attorney general, host Alex Trebek provided the clue:

“Here she is at her Senate confirmation hearing to be our top cop.”

Loretta Lynch

Loretta Lynch

All three contestants had no idea, and none clicked the signaling device to even venture a guess.

When time ran out, Trebek was forced to disclose, “And the lady’s name is Loretta Lynch.”

In January 2016, a very rare occurrence took place as all three contestants ended up with no cash in their accounts after a Final Jeopardy question relating to former President Bill Clinton.

“We have three players with no money,” said Trebek in a subdued tone.

"Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek

“Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek

“What that means is, tomorrow, we will have no returning champion.”

The category for Final Jeopardy was State Capitals, and the clue stated: “A 1957 event led to the creation of a National Historic Site in this city, signed into law by a president whose library is now there too.”

The correct response was Little Rock, Arkansas, where Bill Clinton’s presidential library is now situated, and where the racial desegregation of Central High School took place in 1957.

The William J. Clinton Presidential Center and Library in Little Rock, Arkansas

The William J. Clinton Presidential Center and Library in Little Rock, Arkansas

The contestants proffered responses including Atlanta, Austin and a partially scribbled Springfield, but no one selected Little Rock.

“This was a toughy,” Trebek noted.

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