A 30-year-old woman was beheaded Monday night in Afghanistan by a group of armed men, local officials confirmed.

Provincial Governor spokesman Zabiullah Amani, said the men were linked to the Taliban, according to a brief article in the Nation, which reported that the incident took place in the remote village of Latti in the Sar-e-Pul province.

Amani said the woman was beheaded because she visited the city alone without her husband.

That’s not allowed under strict Islamic law, also called Shariah.

“A woman may not leave the city without her husband or a member of her unmarriageable kin accompanying her, unless the journey is obligatory, like the hajj. It is unlawful for her to travel otherwise, and unlawful for her husband to allow her to.” (Reliance of the Traveller m10.3)

From the Quran, Muslims are taught this:

“Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because Allah has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them.” (Quran 4:34)

The woman’s husband is reportedly in Iran and they don’t have children.

The village is under Taliban control and so far no one has been arrested.

Robert Spencer, author of the Jihad Watch blog for the David Horowitz Freedom Center, said the practice of honor violence is commonplace throughout the Middle East and the U.S. is importing this anti-woman mindset by bringing in tens of thousands of refugees every year from Shariah-adherent nations like Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Syria and Sudan.

“Some people are aware that there are jihadis embedded among peaceful refugees but fewer realize the potential for conflict in the importation of large numbers of people with a radically different mindset and world view,” Spencer told WND.

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Man in Ohio kills wife, honor violence suspected

Earlier this week WND reported on a case involving a Muslim immigrant from Jordan, now living near Cleveland, Ohio, who shot his adult daughter three times in the head while she slept because he disapproved of a work-related trip the unmarried woman took to Las Vegas by herself.

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“Traditional Islam institutionalizes the subjugation of women and allows for spousal abuse, honor violence, female genital mutilation, and other crimes against the human rights of women,” Spencer said. “All this and more is in our future, courtesy Muslim migrants.”

Not only are cases of honor violence starting to show up in cities like Cleveland, Phoenix and Minneapolis, but female genital mutilation, a vile practice once relegated to parts of Africa and the Middle East, is now appearing in the United States.

As the the Washington Free Beacon has reported, more than 513,000 women, mostly Muslim, have had their genitals mutilated or are at risk of becoming victim to this practice. It typically happens after a girl reaches puberty and has had her first menstrual cycle, sometimes as young as 10 or 11.

The Obama administration imported 2,737 refugees from Afghanistan in fiscal 2016 and has brought in another 579 in the first three months of fiscal 2017. The states receiving the most are California, Michigan, Texas, New York and Arizona.

Since the Islamic terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, the U.S. has brought in more than 13,000 refugees from Afghanistan. And even as early as the early 1980s President Ronald Reagan was bringing refugees to America from Afghanistan, calling them “freedom fighters” for their exploits against the Soviet army.

There are few countries more Shariah-compliant and anti-woman than Afghanistan, with the possible exceptions of Syria and Somalia, which are also sending refugees to the U.S. at record rates.

From Somalia alone, the U.S. has imported more than 132,000 since the 1980s, with just over 100,000 of them coming since the 9/11 attacks. Even though Somalia’s civil war is long over, the Somalis keep coming at a rate of more than 1,000 a month in the first three months of fiscal 2017, according to the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center database.

13-year-old girl forced to marry much older teacher

Bilkisu is 13, being forced to marry a 56-year-old man

Bilkisu is 13, being forced to marry a 56-year-old man

Meanwhile in Nigeria, a 13-year-old girl is being forced by her father to marry his 56-year-old friend, who is the girl’s Quranic school teacher. He already has three other wives but according to Islamic teachings a man is allowed to have up to four. Of course Muhammad had many more than four.

“Muhammad married his favorite wife Aisha at age six and consummated the marriage when Aisha was nine. Respect it!” said anti-Shariah activist Pamela Geller on her website, pamelageller.com. “And President Obama is bringing this terror to our cities, towns, schools.”

The revelation was made by a relative of the teenager who raised the alarm on Saturday when she took the teenager to Freedom Radio office in Sharada, Kano for a media campaign against the marriage.

According to Daily Nigerian, the teary-eyed teenager revealed that she does not love the man, saying she always cried whenever the matter was mentioned.

The relative, who pleaded not to be named, said she is calling for authorities, especially Kano State governor and Emir of Kano, to intervene and abort the marriage, billed to hold Friday next week.

She said she was concerned about the kind of life the girl would live if she married a man who has three wives and many grown up children.
“The groom has three wives, many children and grandchildren. I am appealing to Emir of Kano Muhammadu Sanusi and governor of Kano to help intervene,” he said.

In Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, a man has been jailed for a year and fined $8,000 for calling for an end male dominance over women, the Express Tribune reported Tuesday.

Get the book former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is calling “the most important read of 2017.” It’s “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad” and it just arrived in the WND Superstore.

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