(Warning: This column contains some graphic images of the Women’s March on Washington that may offend some readers.)

If you need another reason why leftists should never be allowed to run Washington, D.C., ever again, just take a look at how they are acting now.

President Donald Trump has not yet had a chance to do anything as president of the United States, but the left is losing its collective mind.

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Here are a few of the ways that liberals are going bonkers, thanks to Donald Trump:

1). Protesters flocked to Washington, D.C., to disrupt the inauguration. As they burned cars and destroyed public and private property, they claimed they were destroying property because Donald Trump was destroying the country. Rioters in black hoods and masks terrorized Trump supporters as they called Trump supporters Klan members. Democratic Party voters across the country are watching this and are questioning whether they want to be associated with this violent movement or with a president whose motto is “America First.” These out-of-touch rioters and their leaders have no idea that the more destruction they cause, the smaller their movement becomes.

2) Protesters at the Women’s March on Washington feigned outrage at vulgar remarks made by the president almost 12 years, ago but then they drew the same words, images and worse on signs to protest the president. These women claim to be degraded by President Trump while they degrade themselves by carrying the most vulgar and disrespectful signs imaginable. Some women even made disgusting posters using their own blood.


3) Hollywood celebrities are displaying their wackiness, too. At the women’s protest in D.C., Madonna talked about blowing up the White House, and said “F–k you” to everyone who disagrees with her. She spoke about love in one breath and in the next spoke of her wish to blow up the White House. The loony left doesn’t understand how that could possibly sound crazy or hypocritical.

loudon-womens-march24) The leftist media are losing it, too. They lost big in the last election. It is tough for them to accept that they cannot control the American people with their fake news anymore. Although, they are still trying.

Time magazine reporter, Zeke Miller, who was blessed with the opportunity to cover the president’s first moments in the Oval Office, posted fake news about President Trump on Twitter just a few hours after the inauguration. Miller tweeted that President Trump had removed the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. from the Oval Office. That was quickly debunked, but the damage was done.


The media are also reporting fake news on crowd sizes at Trump’s inauguration. Photos taken overhead at each inauguration show far fewer people at the National Mall for Trump than for Obama. However, the picture was clearly taken well before the swearing in. CNN inadvertently debunked its own reports about Trump’s smaller crowd size with photos posted on its website.

The crowd size is much larger in the CNN photo taken during Trump’s address than the overhead shot that all news organizations are displaying. Although taken from a different angle, the CNN crowd shot shows that Trump’s crowd was, indeed, comparable to Obama’s. Check it out here.

5) And best of all, the wailing woman:

The left is losing it. Their wackiness and hypocrisy is on display like never before. President Donald Trump’s big win in November has brought out the worst in the left, and if these people keep showing their wackiness to the American public, they doom themselves for several elections to come. So, I beg the crazy left to please keep it up!

What do women want? Find the answer in Gina Loudon’s best-selling co-authored blockbuster, “What Women Really Want” — available at the WND Superstore


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