Protesters light fires outside 'Deploraball' on eve of Donald Trump's inauguration (Photo: Twitter/Fox 5 DC)

Protesters light fires outside ‘Deploraball’ on eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration (Photo: Twitter/Fox 5 DC)

A rowdy crowd of Donald Trump haters protested Thursday evening outside the “Deploraball” event in honor of Trump’s inauguration, and they tangled with police, pelted attendees with objects, lit fires in the streets and raised their middle fingers to cops who attempted to clear the sidewalks.

Some of the protesters wore black masks, and chanted, “F— Trump!” Reports indicated “smoke devices” had been set off. It’s unclear whether the “smoke” devices were deployed by police or protesters. Police attempted to move the crowd back from the sidewalk in front of the “Deploraball.”

One man shouted at the cops, “You pathetic piece of s—t!”


Los Angeles Times reporter Matt Pearce tweeted, “I think somebody might be throwing firecrackers.”

One Trump supporter was treated by paramedics after being hit in the head with a flagpole, reported Breitbart. 


Breitbart: “Trump supporter Dave Allsup got hit in the head with a flag pole.”

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Meanwhile, Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe appeared to be having a swell time inside the big event. He tweeted the following photo of himself imbibing and surrounded by smiling ladies at “Deploraball.”

His caption: “Despite the deplorable actions outside … having a Great time at the Deploraball!”


A livestream of the protest outside the National Press Club revealed an agitated crowd surrounding the event and thick smoke in the air.

Several protesters held signs that declared, “STOP the Trump-Pence regime before it starts.”

Others chanted, “Nazi scum!” and “This is what a police state looks like!”

“Who do you serve?!” they screamed at police. “Who do you protect?!”

Crowd of protesters outside 'Deploraball' (Photo: Twitter)

Crowd of protesters outside ‘Deploraball’ (Photo: Twitter)

Guests leaving the “Deploraball” event dodged water bottles, eggs and batteries chucked at them by protesters.

Many Twitter users posted their reactions on the social media site:

  • “Why aren’t these thugs being arrested?” asked Lisa Rohlfing.
  • “Liberal parents are now involving their children, who might not even be 10 y/o yet, in protests & allowing them to light fires,” tweeted Richard Manzo.
  • “Sick! Brat kid starts fire and says, ‘Screw our president!’ Crazy lady calls Deploraball guests ‘Nazis,'” added John Lucchino.
  • “This is why we won BIGLY, and will keep winning BIGLY,” commented Dexter.
  • “Starting fires & throwing projectiles is destruction of property & violence. These protesters should be arrested,” wrote Scott Presler.

What do YOU think? What are your thoughts on Inauguration Day? Sound off in today’s WND poll!

The agitated crowd projected messages onto the building, including, “Impeach the predatory president,” “dislike” and “Resist, protect, create.”



Two men dressed as Adolf Hitler and Nazi Josef Kramer. They held signs stating, “Trump is Alt-Right with us.”


Oddly, one man wore a rubber boot on his head:


Others lit trash fires in the street and burned a “Make America Great Again” hat.

fire-deploraball Fire-deploraball-TW


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