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Dangerous words: 'Be a man'

As we watch the rise of the Snowflake Generation with a mixture of bemusement and horror – you know, the young people unable to use a can opener but who are certain they’re qualified to dictate business and social policy, the generation who can work a smartphone like a brain surgeon but can’t figure out what gender they are – it should come as no surprise that manhood and masculinity have come under fire.

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be a man, look no further than the University of Wisconsin-Madison. There you’ll find the answer: Real men act like women. There, problem solved. Ta da!

To underscore this, the University of Wisconsin-Madison offers a six-week program called Men’s Project, the aim of which is “to counter the alleged harmful effects of society’s masculinity paradigms and pressures and empower participants to promote ‘gender equity.'”

This syllabus alone is enough to force my husband into his “safe space” (the shop) and start cleaning his guns.

According to the project’s promotional material, the course “creates a space for critical self-reflection and dialogue about what it means to be a man and how masculinity impacts us and those around us. … The experience focuses on the examination of societal images, expectations, and messages around masculinity to empower men to better understand themselves, promote the advancement of gender equity, and raise consciousness in their communities.”

Gosh, do you feel manly yet?

The men I know aren’t too interested in “critical self-reflection and dialogue about what it means to be a man.” Instead, they’re too busy fixing cars, cutting wood, butchering deer, playing with their kids, constructing houses, performing surgery, participating in sports, analyzing spreadsheets and otherwise working hard to support their families.

But then these sad, pathetic men of my acquaintance also have no doubts about their gender identity. Instead, they barrel through life blissfully unaware that they’re insufficiently empowered to “better understand themselves, promote the advancement of gender equity, and raise consciousness in their communities.”

SJWs are suddenly all a-flutter that men are “underrepresented” on college campuses. “Research indicates that young men are less likely to enroll in and graduate from college, less likely to seek help from campus resources and more likely to engage in risky behaviors such as abusing drugs and alcohol,” notes University of Wisconsin-Madison director of news and media relations Meredith McGlone.

I wonder if Ms. McGlone has considered the possibility that men don’t like going to places where they’re not welcome and where they’re told manliness is wrong?

Because if there’s one thing social justice warriors hate, it’s testosterone. Apparently to these SJWs, the only suitable definition of masculinity is “to make men more like women.” Feminists (who make up a huge portion of the SJW population) aren’t even trying to be subtle any more about their contempt for manhood. They’re flat-out saying, “Men are bad, we must get rid of masculinity.” Unable (so far) to justify eradicating half the population, instead they concentrate their efforts on psychologically castrating anyone with a Y chromosome.

Nowadays, incoming university students who “identify” as male are shown a docudrama film about masculinity such as “The Mask You Live In,” which is part of the “lessons warning students that the notion of masculinity comes with harmful side effects,” noted a freshman. According to the College Fix, in the film’s trailer “it teaches that the ‘three most destructive words’ a boy can hear growing up is ‘Be a man.’ Experts quoted therein also suggest that violent outbursts are prompted by masculinity pressures because ‘respect is linked to violence.'”

What propaganda like this tries to imply is men turn to drugs, alcohol and even suicide simply because they’re men (y’know, inherently violent and all that). McGlone suggested typical understandings of masculinity can affect male students in a negative way. “Men are socialized to believe they need to act a certain way to be accepted as ‘masculine’ or have what it takes to be a man,” she said.

Ahem. Like she knows. Has she ever been a man?

According to McGlone, there were no specific incidents that spurred the development of this six-week program. Of course there weren’t. It’s just another example of trying to pre-emptively neuter males and turn them into girly-men.

What SJWs refuse to admit is many young men are increasingly turning to destructive solutions such as drugs, alcohol, or suicide because they’re denied their manhood. They’re told being manly is wrong. They’re told they must behave like drones. They’re told they must behave more like women. And then these “empowered” snowflakes wonder why men respond destructively. Um, hello?

(And parents, don’t forget you’re paying tens of thousands of dollars per year to send your sons and daughters into these progressive hellholes to get indoctrinated with this malarkey.)

Thankfully, most people are increasingly finding SJWs to be amusing little twits but otherwise not worthy of attention. “If you’re a Social Justice Warrior,” notes Natural News, “you’re also ultimately impotent. While you’ve intimidated many institutions, you actually control few. Only in the most cloistered of communities, including in your academic strongholds, do you represent a majority. You gain power by causing trouble, by making it easier to comply with your demands than to defy your tantrums. And that works until it doesn’t – until your demands become so absurd that you become the joke, until you’ve been proven so toothless that defiance becomes a path to power and popularity.”

Men will continue to be men, just as they’ve always been, without needing permission from the snowflakes that try to redefine them.

Guys, if you want to be a man, take advice from men. Real men. Manly men. Your dads, your uncles, your grandfathers, and other men who had positive influences on your life. Believe me, you won’t learn manliness from a bunch of wussified feminist social justice warriors who tremble in fear at chalk graffiti and require safe rooms whenever someone serves ethnic food.

Be a man. Real women will love you for it.

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