Did the Abrahamic covenant end Obama’s legacy?

By Jonathan Cahn

Did a 4,000-year-old covenant just put an end to the legacy of Barack Obama? Could an ancient promise of God recorded in the Book of Genesis, actually cause the election of Donald Trump?

In his eight years in office, Barack Obama enacted a multitude of laws, initiatives, campaigns and legal actions that Christians saw as directly defying and warring against the laws, the order and the Word of God.

Obama’s war


This included everything from lobbying for the destruction of the Defense of Marriage Act, to the overturning of the biblical definition of marriage, to the transgenderizing of children’s bathrooms in the nation’s public schools, to the erosion of religious liberty in the military and throughout American culture, to the expansion of abortion around the world, the seeking to make Christian employers go against their beliefs and their faith to fund the killing of the unborn, to the pressuring of governments around the world to end the traditional definition of marriage and kill their unborn and much more.

Obama enacted many of these policies and actions not by the legislative process of having Congress debate, vote on and ratify them but by presidential policies and executive actions, which circumvented Congress. Because of this, much of what he did rested on shaky political ground, being vulnerable to being reversed and nullified by the executive actions of a subsequent president with differing views. Or in other words, he who lives by executive actions can die by them.

Thus much of Obama’s legacy was hanging on the election of 2016. The outcome would decide whether or not his many actions would be sealed by the election of a president in favor of his agenda or reversed by the election of a president not in favor. Thus, he had more riding on the election of 2016 than any president in modern times. In other words, if Hillary Clinton won the election, Obama’s legacy was preserved. If Donald Trump won the election, his legacy would be largely undone.

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The election that defied explanation

It seemed to most observers it was impossible for Donald Trump to win the presidency. If there had been a book written on thing never to do if you’re running for the presidency, in the top 10 had to be “Don’t get into a fight with the pope – and if you do, don’t ever call the pope names.”  Donald Trump broke that rule and every other. His campaign expenditures were swamped and dwarfed by massive amounts spent by Hillary Clinton. It was a given that he had lost the women’s vote and had lost the key swing votes needed to even have a fighting chance. It was a given among all experts that Trump had virtually no chance of winning the presidency.

And then he won.


It was the shock heard around the world. The Democrats were surprised, the Republicans were surprised, Hillary Clinton was surprised, Donald Trump was surprised. And Barack Obama was surprised. Poll after poll not only showed Trump losing, but losing badly. The odds against him in the Electoral College were even more impossible. And yet he won.

As the voting began, the returns confirmed what virtually every poll and prediction had foreseen. Trump would be defeated, and badly. And then something happened. And no one was quite sure how. The numbers on the boards began to change in his favor. It defied explanation – as most of the experts and pundits were at a loss to account for it and, at best, could now only admit that they had been completely wrong.

And as for those supporting and supporting for a Trump victory, the results appeared nothing less than miraculous.

Obama’s legacy was now surely to be undone. What had happened? Obama claimed that the election had been impacted by some interference. A foreign power, Russia, he claimed, had hacked into American computers, and particularly into those belonging to operatives in the Democratic Party, and used the information to tilt the election in Trump’s favor. It became a major international incident. In response, Obama ordered the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats.

But what really happened? Even if Russia did interfere, what happened in the election of 2016 could not be explained by any one factor.

The 4,000-year-old-mystery

Could the answer lie in a 4000 year old mystery from the Book of Genesis?

Enter Abraham, a Middle Eastern shepherd from the Ur of the Chaldees and chosen by God to bring into the world a new nation – Israel.


In Genesis 12, God gives Abraham a promise: “I will bless those you who bless you and curse those who curse you.” In other words, those peoples, kings and nations that bless the children of Israel, the Jewish people, will be blessed. And those who curse them will be cursed. But it goes further than that. The promise contains the principle of reciprocity. Whatever you do to Israel will be done to you.

Beyond what Obama did on the biblical issues of life, gender, marriage and religious liberty, Christians were horrified by what he did with regard to Israel. Under the Obama administration, relations between American and Israel fell to an all-time low, the worst it had ever been since the creation of Israel in 1948. Beyond that, Obama appeared to declare war on America’s strongest and closest ally in the Middle East. He attacked Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, over and over again, relentlessly. He publicly maligned Israel’s leader and government in a way he had never done even to America’s sworn enemies.

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He who interferes with Israel


In the spring of 2015, Netanyahu was up for election. It was clear that Obama wanted Netanyahu to be defeated – with a passion. He believed that if Netanyahu’s opponent could win, then Netanyahu’s policies could be reversed, undone, nullified. Then Obama could enforce his plan for Israel and the Palestinians.

Interfering in another country’s election, and especially another country that constitutes a close ally, has long been considered forbidden. But in the case of Israel, apparently Obama felt that this taboo could be broken. During that Israeli election, article after article came out revealing that the Obama administration was doing just that, intervening and interfering in Israel’s election.

  • “Obama admin. sent taxpayer money to campaign to oust Netanyahu …”
  • “Obama campaign team arrives in Israel to defeat Netanyahu”
  • “Netanyahu pollster: Obama role in election larger than reported”
  • “Obama’s offensive against Netanyahu backfires”

According to the reports, Obama was funding an organization in Israel dedicated to defeating Netanyahu in his bid for re-election as Israel’s prime minister.

But in a way that was eerily similar to Trump’s victory in America, all the polls and major media outlets were predicting Netanyahu’s defeat and the end of his agenda. And paralleling what would happen in the American election the following year, the outcome was so surprising that many media outlets didn’t even make it known for hours.

Netanyahu won.

Obama’s interference in Israel’s election had come to nothing. And Netanyahu’s policies would be preserved.

The Abrahamic covenant, Obama and Trump

But the ancient covenant that God made with Israel ordains that what one does to Israel will be done back to you – either directly by God, or indirectly, using a vessel or secondary means.

Obama had sought to end the policies, stands and agenda of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Therefore, according to the ancient mystery, God would likewise bring the policies, stands and agenda of Barack Obama to an end.

Obama, as an outside power, had intervened and interfered in the election of Israel to defeat the policies of Benjamin Netanyahu

Therefore, according to the mystery, it would mean that God would likewise allow an outside power to interfere in America’s election in order to defeat the policies of Barack Obama.

Beyond Russia, the mystery would ordain that God Himself could intervene in America’s election to cause Barack Obama’s policies to be undone and his legacy nullified. This would explain the very strange, odds-defying, experts-defying and natural explanation-defying phenomenon of the 2016 election – that it was God’s intervention.

This divine law of history has been in effect from the days of Babylon and Egypt and to this day, long before Barack Obama, long before America itself. That Obama does not know this ancient biblical law, or doesn’t believe it, is obvious. For shortly after the election, the Obama administration brought America’s relationship to Israel to yet new unprecedented depths. He chose to have America abandon Israel at the United Nations and make possible a resolution that calls Jerusalem Palestinian territory.

As Obama leaves the White House and watches his legacy being taken apart, it may be wise that he not look not to the Russians, but open a Bible to Genesis 12 and realize that there are laws and a force much greater than he – namely, the force (God) who said, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you” – and has kept His word from the days of the ancient pharaohs to the days of Barack Obama. For another ancient law is also true – namely:

“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God endures forever” (Isaiah 40:6).

All of Jonathan Cahn’s inspiring books and films on prophecy and the Bible – including his latest best-seller, “The Book of Mysteries” – now at the WND Superstore






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