Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga.

Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga.

Former Black Panther Mason Weaver says U.S. Rep. John Lewis is a “civil-rights turncoat” who turned on his people and has “presided over the destruction of black America.”

Lewis, D-Ga., has made big news and received three days of coverage in the establishment media for calling Donald Trump an “illegitimate president” whose inauguration he plans to boycott. But he had his own words used against him by Weaver.

Lewis participated in numerous sit-ins and protests against the segregationist Jim Crow laws that were instituted by Democratic Party elites after the Civil War and were still in existence across the South in the 1960s.

But a lot has changed since then. And Weaver is calling Lewis an “illegitimate congressman” who needs to apologize to his people for his role in selling out the same black Americans he once helped to achieve basic rights.

Weaver made the fiery comments in an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson. He said Lewis is a “civil rights turncoat who’s collaborating with the Democrat Party to oppress black America.”

The way Weaver sees it, in the late 1960s and early ’70s, black people were demonstrating and protesting for the right to participate in society as adult citizens of America.

“We were not demonstrating to be taken care of,” he said.

As a young man in 1965, Lewis led a civil rights march over the Edmond Pettus bridge in Selma, Alabama. He had his skull fractured but got up and continued leading the march.

Lewis’ own website calls him a “genuine American hero.”

Weaver doesn’t disagree that he made a heroic stand on that bridge in 1965. It’s what he’s done since then that Weaver believes is tantamount to a betrayal.

“They ran over him, but those were Democrats. It was Democrat George Wallace who stood in the school house yard, it was Democrats Bull Conner that oppressed folks [in Birmingham], it was Democrats who voted for the litmus test and the poll tax. He was fighting Democrats. But after Democrats beat his behind on that bridge and ran over him and stomped him into the ground, he got up and joined them. He joined the oppressors and became a stooge for them. And he is now sitting and presiding over the destruction of the black community, the destruction of the black man, the destruction of the black woman with drugs and gangs.

“He has presided over the worst school system in the world, where black people are learning only to be gang-prepped.

“So I’m outraged that the demonstration he had earlier in his life has turned to a subjugation of his right to authority as a black leader.”

Watch full interview with Tucker Carlson:

Lewis lied, and Trump calls him out

Meanwhile, Lewis was caught spinning the Trump boycott beyond what is truthful. He told NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” Sunday that the Trump inauguration “will be the first that I miss since I’ve been in Congress.”

Politifact has already exposed that as a lie, reporting that Lewis also boycotted the inauguration of George W. Bush in 2001, because he “doesn’t believe believe Bush was the true-elected president,” according to a Washington Post article at the time.

Since Lewis’ boycott of the Trump inauguration was announced, 50 other Democrat congressmen jumped on the boycott bandwagon. Some congressmen boycotted the inaugurations of Presidents Nixon and George W. Bush, but nothing approaching these numbers.

Trump seized on Lewis’ doublespeak with two tweets Tuesday, before telling NBC News the Georgia congressman was “caught in a very bad lie.”

So it appears that any incoming Republican president will be challenged to meet Lewis’ definition of a legitimate president.

Yet Weaver claims Lewis has personally benefited from pushing the Democratic Party line while his constituents languish in poverty.

Carlson asked Weaver to clarify what he meant by Lewis “presiding” over a failed system for blacks. Was this a reference to Lewis’ congressional district in the Atlanta area, which is riddled with crime-infested neighborhoods and street gangs, or something else?

“Not just his congressional district but the congressional Black Communist Caucus that has demonstrated everything they own and control is a ghetto hell hole, it’s a place no one wants to go to,” Weaver said.

“They’re in control of every inner-city school system, every inner-city police department, every inner-city jail. They have produced nothing but drugs and misery,” he added. “Black-owned businesses, black-owned housing has been reduced. They have presided over the destruction of black people. They should be ashamed of themselves, and I don’t understand how any black person can be a Democrat.”

Weaver said Lewis has “done nothing” to alleviate the squalid, depressing conditions of inner-city America.

“John Lewis, bless his heart, you know it took courage to do what he did in early life. What he is doing now, he has turned himself to his enemy. Like a little girl being beaten by daddy joins daddy, like a woman being beaten by her husband, she has joined the husband. He has joined the enemy. He has joined the oppressor.”

And does Weaver, the ex-Black Panther, advise Lewis to do in the latter years of his life?

“If you’re a real man John Lewis, if you’re a real, real hero, you will stand up tomorrow morning and you will look at the American people and you apologize,” Weaver said. “You have led to these decades of hell. You should apologize and say you made a mistake. Say you tried to work with them, but the Democrat Party has always been the party of abuse, always been the party of the Klan, the party that went to war to keep slaves, the party that has always been for the destruction of black people.

“Mr. Lewis, you have presided over the destruction of black people, and you owe us an apology. He’s more concerned about Trump being the illegitimate president, but John Lewis is the illegitimate congressman.”

Carlson then asked another question.

“So you don’t believe John Lewis is doing this on purpose or that other members of the Congressional Black Caucus are doing this on purpose do you?”

“You know, that’s why I love you Tucker. You’re so kind. But I know that you hate BS, so I’m gonna tell you. All I’ve seen is that he has gotten rich, and his people have gotten poorer. The Black Caucus has gotten more power and influence, and the black people they are presiding over have gotten poorer. More drugs, more gangs, less businesses, less home ownership, less education, more jail, more drugs.”

Weave then made an analogy everyone could relate to.

“Now if you did that in your job, you’d be fired. If you did that anyplace else, you’d be fired. The worse off black people are, the poorer we are, the stronger the Congressional Black Caucus has become, and more powerful Democrats are, the worse off black people are. So, just looking around at my country, I’m saying that every place you find black people and Democrats, you find poverty. Now I’m waiting for someone to say I’m wrong. But you find a disgrace, you find a delegation, you find no jobs, you find a place that’s totally unlivable. That’s his legacy.”

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