From the left come the cries – Donald Trump is the new Hitler! His “America first” slogan has Nazi undertones! He hates Hispanics, Muslims and gays as much as Hitler hated Jews!

But Anita Dittman lived through the Holocaust as a Jewish girl in Germany during the 1930s and 1940s, and on this International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Jan. 27, she has a message for those who think Trump is the American Hitler.

“When they say he is another Hitler, they are crazy,” Dittman told WND in a phone interview. “If he was another Hitler, he’d be shooting people that riot, and they wouldn’t have the freedom to riot. If anybody was against things in Nazi times, they would ship them off to the ovens, as we called the camps. There was no freedom.”

Although Dittman was raised by her Jewish mother, she came to believe Jesus Christ was her Messiah when she was eight. Only a few years later, her faith was put to the test when the Nazi regime began rounding up Jews and shipping them off to concentration camps. The Gestapo took Anita’s mother before taking Anita herself to a separate camp.

With God’s help and protection, young Anita survived her stint in a forced labor camp, eventually escaping and reuniting with her mother. She tells the full miraculous, inspirational story of her terrifying ordeal in her memoir, “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell,” as well as in the documentary of the same name.

Whenever Dittman speaks about her experience in the Holocaust, she always credits God for keeping her safe.

“The Lord was with me,” she told WND. “He stood by me. Christ walked with me, literally. And of course this was 12-and-a-half years of it. I was a child when it started and a teenager when it ended, and I didn’t change anything; I just spoke the truth and I believed and I trusted the Lord.”

Dittman added she is hopeful Trump will re-establish good relations between the United States and the world’s only Jewish nation.

“Under [George W.] Bush we had a good relationship with Israel, but when Obama came, that changed,” she said. “When [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu came over here, Obama treated him like dirt. Terrible.”

A victory for God in the heart of darkness. Don’t miss the incredible true story of how one woman found hope amidst the horror of the Holocaust. “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell” is now available in book and documentary form at the WND Superstore.

Jan Markell, who co-authored “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell” with Dittman, agreed those who compare Trump to Hitler are way off base.

“This is laughable were it not truly tragic,” Markell told WND. “Hitler was a demon-possessed man who feasted on human suffering. But the left is under such delusion that they demonize a man who wants to put an end to some of the evil of the last eight years. It’s what happens when you take God out of our schools and out of many other places as well. It’s what happens when our churches stop telling the truth. This is part of the end-time strong delusion spoken of in the Bible.”

She added: “Hitler didn’t want to make Germany great again – he wanted to make himself great. And he wanted a genocide of Jews and other undesirables. How does this compare to Donald Trump? It is true that Hitler and Trump are nationalists, but once you get into the details, there are no similarities. And Trump is a friend of the Jews while Hitler wanted their extermination. Trump has Jews in his immediate family. They are some of his closest aides.”

While Markell and Dittman do not believe Trump is the next Hitler, they both see anti-Semitism on the rise once again. Dittman said a girl from Australia wrote to her recently, saying she was afraid because the persecution of Jews and Christians was resurfacing in her country. Dittman also recalled a pastor, who disliked her because she was Jewish, once told her the Holocaust never happened.

Markell acknowledged, as time goes on and World War II fades further and further into the past, more people are forgetting about the Holocaust – and that’s a dangerous development.

“I believe some think it cannot happen again,” she said. “It can, because Satan hates the Jewish people. They remind him that his days are numbered. The Jews are the key to the end of the church age. Look at how Jerusalem has been attacked in the last month. The world wants to divide this holy city and strip the Jews of their ownership of it. This is a war that seems to never end. That is why he inspired Hitler to do what he did for 12-and-a-half years during World War II.”

But Dittman, who will turn 90 later this year, continues to live with a spirit of hope. She still speaks to schools and churches about her Holocaust experience, and she claims she gets a good response most of the time. However, some event organizers bristle when she tells them Jesus will be a major part of her story.

She said one public school principal recently asked if she could leave Jesus out of her speech entirely and make it a historical story. But Dittman refused.

“I said, ‘No, Christ is the center of my life. He was then when I was going through the era for 12-and-a-half years, and He still is the center of my life. I can’t leave Him out,'” Dittman recalled.


So the principal refused to let Dittman come to his school.

Things turned out better for Dittman during a recent interaction with another public school. School officials requested Dittman not use the name of Jesus, but rather use the word “God,” because there are gods in many religions. Administrators also threatened to fire the principal, a Christian, if he allowed Dittman to utter Jesus’ name. Dittman prayed on the matter and decided to refer to Jesus as “the Lord” during her speech.

After the speech, she got an “amazing” reception from the children, many of whom thanked her and said they had needed to hear her message.

“There are still a lot of wonderful people in the churches and kids in the schools,” Dittman declared. “The kids didn’t mind that I was talking about Jesus. They didn’t say anything, and they didn’t boo me, either.”

Dittman hopes President Trump fulfills his promise to allow Christians to speak up in America without fear of reprisal, just as she always speaks out about the God who has protected her through the years. And she also prays God keeps Trump safe from harm.

“He’s the only one that has the guts to speak up, and he wants the best for our people,” she concluded. “He loves America.”

A victory for God in the heart of darkness. Don’t miss the incredible true story of how one woman found hope amidst the horror of the Holocaust. “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell” is now available in book and documentary form at the WND Superstore.

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