It’s not just a new year, it’s a new era in the United States. The Trump era is beginning, and it is fun to think about how history will record the end of Obama and the beginning of Trump.

If you ask a leftist academic or a Hollywood liberal, they will tell you the greatest president in history is Barack Obama.

Ask any American who has (or formerly held) a real job, and they will tell you that after eight years of Obama, Jimmy Carter is now only the second worst president in American history.

President Obama set out to fundamentally change America, and he failed.

It is estimated that President-elect Trump will be able to reverse 70 percent of Obama’s “accomplishments” from the past eight years.

Obama’s attack by executive order on American businesses in the name of climate change will be easily rolled back by Trump’s executive pen.

President Obama’s PR war on police caused a dramatic increase in criminals executing police officers, and, unfortunately, those lives cannot be brought back by President Trump, but future lives can be saved as the incoming Trump administration begins to support the police rather than criminals.

Obama’s most dangerous “accomplishment” was “ending” the war in Iraq by pulling out our troops prematurely. President-elect Trump will have a hard time putting Humpty Dumpty back together in the Middle East, especially after Obama pushed for several stable dictatorships to be overthrown in the region. Although, when Trump stops Obama’s influx of Islamic refugees and beefs up security and screening here at home, Obama’s accomplishment of making the world less safe will be stopped at America’s gates (or wall, if you prefer).

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Barack Obama’s signature accomplishment as president, Obamacare, is Trump’s top priority for repeal as soon as he takes office, but President Obama is not going out without a fight.

The president is set to meet with congressional Democrats to formulate a strategy to save Obamacare.

It may seem like a joke for an outgoing, failed president to meet with his decimated minority party to save their agenda, but Democrats are crafty, and they have been laying the groundwork for decades for just a time as this.

I laid out the Democrats’ plan on “Fox & Friends” on New Year’s Day:

The Democrats have been building a bureaucracy for decades, and they have been slowly transferring power from the executive and legislative branches of government over to unelected bureaucrats.

What used to take an act of Congress now only takes a memo being issued from a bureaucrat. President Trump should be ready to gut the bureaucracy and be ready to potentially tell millions of government workers, “You’re fired!”

Obama will also depend on the judiciary to preserve Obamacare. Democrat and Republican presidents alike have been placing big-government loving judges in lifetime appointments in federal courts for decades. President Trump may not be able to do much about current judges, but after he fills Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court, and a few others, Obama may not be able to depend on these unelected, statist judges to preserve his legacy.

The final tactic that Obama and Dems will use to save Obamacare is their favorite and most effective. It doesn’t require anyone to win an election or be appointed to a judgeship: ad hominem attacks.

Democrats will target a few weak-kneed GOP senators like Lindsey Graham and John McCain in an effort to stop them from overturning Obamacare. Every name in the book will be hurled at these senators who care only about being loved by the media and other establishment politicians.

They will be called racist, homophobic, sexist bigots who wish for women, children, minorities and the elderly to die in the streets by repealing Obamacare.

President-elect Trump and congressional Republicans should be ready for these attacks. The American people have become wise to the tricks of the left and rejected the name calling in November, but GOP officials in the DC bubble are still vulnerable to the ad hominem tactics and are at risk of becoming squeamish as the left attacks.

It’s going to be a great year as we watch President-elect Trump dismantle the Obama legacy. The only thing history will record of Obama’s presidency will be the persistently poor Obama economy and that Obama helped usher in the era of Trump.

As we look back on this year and the end of his presidency, President Obama deserves congratulations for knocking President Carter off the bottom of the list. That is an accomplishment that will be remembered throughout history.

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