It’s one of the greatest mysteries of the Bible, unsolved for millennia. It’s the longest prophecy of the New Testament. And as an increasing number say they believe the end times have arrived, many believers think it is the malevolent force behind the headlines.

What exactly is “Mystery Babylon?” And what do the references to harlots and abominations mean?

The Bible describes a great city that corrupts the world. Portrayed as a woman, it is simultaneously presented as a queen clothed in precious garments and as a filthy prostitute, drunk on the blood of God’s people. The city is eventually destroyed by divine vengeance, and its “luxury and splendor” is removed forever.

Throughout history, Christians have investigated, speculated about and fiercely debated the identity of this city of evil. Rome, home of the Roman Catholic Church, is often identified as a prime candidate. Jerusalem, which supposedly will accept the Antichrist, is another possibility. There’s also the theory there will be an actual reconstructed Babylon in Iraq.

Others claim it refers to groups of people or organizations, with some alleging Babylon the Great is Roman Catholicism or the apostate church.

But Bible teacher Joel Richardson, the New York Times bestselling author of “The Islamic Antichrist” and the host of the video teaching series “The Coming Battle for Jerusalem,” may have finally solved the mystery.

In his new book “Mystery Babylon: Unlocking the Bible’s Greatest Prophetic Mystery,” he makes his case for the identity of the city of evil.

It’s the city billions of people prostrate themselves before five times every single day – the Islamic city of Mecca.

Richardson makes an exhaustive and tightly reasoned argument, recognizing his answer may be surprising to many Christians.

“Perhaps the most common error people make when studying the Bible is to read their own worldview, experiences and culture into the pages of Scripture,” Richardson told WND. “This is particularly true with regard to biblical prophecy. Your average Western Christian is surrounded by humanism, intellectual atheism, moral and cultural relativity and religious pluralism. When he or she reads the book of Revelation and reads of this great persecuting system at the end of the age, they will automatically imagine it to be some sort of humanist multicultural monstrosity that goes after Christians. In other words, we are far too often egocentric in our reading of the prophets. Proper understanding of the Scriptures must recognize how thoroughly centered it is around Israel and Jerusalem, not the Western world, and most definitely not around the United States.”

Once these blinders are removed, Richardson says the real threat is obvious.

“It is easy for many of us to miss the primary spiritual ideology that surrounds Israel and seeks to devour her in the most concerted manner,” he notes. “The city of Mecca and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not merely the historical womb from which Islam thrust forth into the world; but in modern times, it continues to be the primary source of the most violent, determined and bloodthirsty form of Islam that has ever existed.”

One of the greatest mysteries in Scripture – solved at last! Discover the terrifying truth behind the shadowy identity of one of the greatest horrors of the end times. New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson reveals the secret of “Mystery Babylon.” Available now in the WND Superstore.

While supposed Russian interference dominates headlines, it is the Saudi government that has been implicated in bankrolling extremist terrorist movements around the world. Because of Saudi Arabia’s significance in contemporary geopolitics, Richardson believes his book is important for anyone interested in current events, not just those who want to explore his scriptural theory.

“Even if one rejects the interpretation suggested in the book, it is filled with information that is highly relevant to everyone,” he told WND. “One issue I address is the degree to which the House of Saud has compromised and corrupted Washington for the past few generations. In fact, as I demonstrate quite thoroughly, the Saudi lobby is far and away the single most significant lobby in Washington. Nothing else compares to the amount of money that poured into Washington to buy influence, politicians, and even presidents. This corruption is not limited to one political party, but has infected both parties, making the Saudi influence over Washington perhaps the single least discussed, most taboo subject that one can imagine.”

Richardson urges Christians to awaken to the nefarious Saudi power that is directing a war against Christianity around the world.

“Not only are the majority of lawmakers and power brokers in Washington on the dole, but beyond this, whistleblowers fear the ramifications of exposing such a well-funded machine,” he mourns. “Seeing all this helps Christians understand why this is happening around the world and what needs to be done to fight it at its root. It also helps us to understand the primary locus of Satanic power in the last days.”

Many Christians have high hopes for incoming president Donald Trump, especially that he’ll change the anti-Christian direction of much of American foreign policy. However, Richardson urges caution, noting Trump has extensive investments in Saudi Arabia.

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“With Donald Trump as president, the future is far more opaque than if Hillary Clinton had won,” Richardson opines. “She would have been far more predictable, toeing the line of those whose investment – well over $30 million since Bill left office – was reaching its maturity. With Trump however, it could go either way. With such strong military and national security advisers, there is the chance that America may do what is right – wean ourselves from Said oil dependency and break the stronghold they have over our nation. On the other hand, Trump has business investments in Saudi Arabia, and it’s possible that we may not be willing to make the hard decisions necessary. Time will tell.

WB314-NA_Mystery Babylon_mn“Regardless, it is clear that the multi-headed monster the Saudis have created is only continuing to expand its reach all over the earth. While the stronghold of the Islamic State may be broken up, other Saudi inspired and funded Salafi or Wahhabi groups will only continue to spread all over the earth.”

For that reason, Richardson urges careful discernment and study of the Bible by Christians in confronting the important issue of “Babylon’s” identity. And though Richardson does not underestimate how controversial his argument will be among believers, he is confident he has assembled a formidable case – and solved the mystery once and for all.

“New ideas are always embraced slowly,” Richardson said. “Prophecy teachers in particular tend to shirk new ideas. I do believe however that anyone who gives the thesis a fair reading will see how convincing the case for Mecca and Saudi Arabia as the Great Harlot really is. I genuinely think this book has the potential to revolutionize the prophecy world even more significantly as my first book “The Islamic Antichrist.” The words of the prophets seem to be coming into more and more clear focus. I think this book will be a valuable contribution to the unsealing of the scroll, if you will.”

One of the greatest mysteries in Scripture – solved at last! Discover the terrifying truth behind the shadowy identity of one of the greatest horrors of the end times. New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson reveals the secret of “Mystery Babylon” Available now in the WND Superstore.


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