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President Trump, man of authority

The historic Inauguration Day of 2017, and Election Day 2016, marked a reawakening of hope for America. President Donald J. Trump is a living example of God’s love for our country and proof He’s giving the people yet one more chance.

It reminds me of my spiritual awakening 28 years ago when I asked God to let me see myself. He showed me the evil of my anger. I forgave my mother, returned to my father, and so returned to God. I found life once I stopped playing god and dropped my judgment.

I can now speak up forcefully to family, friends and enemies, men or women, black, white or other, without fear. I am guided by love and no longer blinded by anger.

Watch Trump from a distance

I watched Donald Trump speak with power and authority since the day he announced his run for president. He said we’ll build a wall on the Mexican border, send the illegals back, renegotiate our trade deals, bring back jobs and the economy, defeat Islamic terrorism and keep the Muslims out who want to kill us. He faced down the backlash.

I stayed detached from the drama and emotions and watched Trump at a distance as he dealt cunningly with his enemies, one moment attacking them, and the next being gracious and meeting with them.

Because Donald has no anger, he holds no resentment, fear or doubt in a fight, so he freely says what he needs to say. No one can intimidate or harm him, and almost everyone tried. All who come against him fall by the wayside; he picks some of them up and dusts them off.

Only by returning to your father can you live by this power. God’s spirit in Trump is also in us, but you cannot know God unless you love your father. (How can you love the one you have not seen, unless you love the one you’ve seen?)

Barack Obama could have been great

It was eight long years of darkness under former President Barack Obama. He could have done for the black community and for America what Trump promised to do. Obama could have dealt with the drugs and crime plaguing our inner cities, worked to build up rather than tear down America and promoted righteousness rather than wickedness.

But Barack Obama is evil. He is motivated from the hatred of his mother toward this country, and he never had the love of his father. As I explain in “The Antidote,” Obama’s mother spurned white Americans, Christians and capitalism – and his Muslim-turned-atheist father visited to teach 10-year-old Barack’s class the lie that whites wanted to “unjustly rule” blacks in Africa and America “only because of the color of their skin.”

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Trump’s return to the father

Many Christians respect Donald Trump, but they do not comprehend the depths of Trump’s source of life. Some judge him because he’s not a typical conservative Christian. He’s been married a few times. He doesn’t quote the Bible much, make a habit of praising the Lord or protest against abortion.

Although Donald Trump did wrong in earlier years, he loved his father, and God has drawn him back to him. He did not fall into guilt or judgment, but he lived his life and tried to do things better each time.

Remember when Trump started to run in 2012? It’s rumored that when leftists went after his businesses to shut him down (as they always do), he backed out. But look at what happened when he announced his run for 2016: Huge companies boycotted him, the media attacked him, even fellow Republicans scorned him. He stood steadfast on truth, and won.

Godly aggression

When Donald wants something, such as to help save the country, he aggressively goes after it. Many people sense that energy, can tell he’s coming from the right place, and support him. That energy and authority in Trump is from God within. We have it, too.

A friend of mine who loves Donald Trump and loves America wanted to attend the inauguration. He mentioned this to me, but it didn’t stick when he told me, so I forgot he said it. The day before the inauguration, he told me again he wished he’d gone. If he’d had the right spirit, he could have gone! Had he told me with more intention the first time, I could have helped him get there. But because he was timid and casual, nothing happened and he got no help from his friends.

To defeat evil, you cannot be typical

Some think Donald should stop tweeting now that he’s president. They’re wrong. The media are hell-bent on taking Trump down. He should keep tweeting, because the liberal media will not tell the truth. Trump did not win the presidency by following common political thinking – typical advice is what nearly lost us our country forever. If we don’t make a major change, the younger generation will never abandon its brainwashing. Thank God that under President Trump, we have hope to make that change.

Times of refreshing are here again.

Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

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