Former "Saturday Night Live" star Victoria Jackson sings "There's a Capitalist Living in the White House"

Former “Saturday Night Live” star Victoria Jackson sings “There’s a Capitalist Living in the White House”

WASHINGTON – It was almost seven years ago that former “Saturday Night Live” comedienne Victoria Jackson, a tea-party diva, released a YouTube video with the shocking observation: “There’s a Communist Living in the White House.”

The day after the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president, she’s back with a new song – “There’s a Capitalist Living in the White House.”

She tells WND she burst out of retirement from political activism inspired by the inauguration Friday.

“I think all of our tea party work paid off,” she said. “What a great feeling, knowing I was down in the trenches with you guys.”

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Watch Victoria Jackson’s new song about President Trump:

Here are the lyrics to “There’s a Capitalist Living in the White House”:

It seems these days I’m full of praise
And joy (smiles) and just in general glee
We finally have a President who truly loves our count-ery
A tingle’s running up my leg
I giggle uncontrollably
There’s a Capitalist Living in the White House.

Why aren’t folks in Hollywood
Banging on their tambourines
He used to be a Democrat
His wife was nude in magazines

His TV show kept them employed
He doesn’t stir up racial strife
He has had three but seems to be
Devoted to his younger wife

He loves cops and veterans
He loves our brave military
He loves legal immigrants
The key word here is- “legally”
Maybe now we can all be rich
Not just the elite
Maybe now our health insurance
Payments we can meet
Maybe now the middle class
Can rest and breathe again
There’s a Capitalist Living in the White House!

He has a catchy slogan
Make America Great Again
He’s a character like Hulk Hogan
Yet a modern family man

On the LGBTQ
He’s got a pretty liberal view
He can take it on the chin
And his hairstyle makes them grin
So you’d think the Progressives would be
In love with Mr. (Donald) T
The Capitalist Living in the White House

Now Meryl Streep…Donald Trump did not make fun of a disabled man. (You are mis-informed.)

He was simply commenting on a lie that the Washington Post told about the 9/11 New Jersey people who were celebrating and that guy Serge Kovaleski, well, Trump was just treating him like he would treat any reporter who was lying!

And, you know, you should google “Islamic Threat” because – Holyland Foundation Trial, google that, there’s a manifesto by The Muslim Brotherhood on how to take over America in 20 years with “civilization jihad.”

Look it up, and, while you’re googling, look up the book “After the Ball” – it’s these two guys who purposefully manipulated America into the rainbow thing.

And, Meryl, when you inferred that Trump did not like people from foreign countries; he’s married two women from foreign countries, they still even have their accents!

And, “social justice,” that’s just a nice way of saying “Marxism.” Just sayin’.

We’ve had enough of Marxism
And equal poverty for all
Enough Ebony and Ivory
I’m going to the
“All Lives Matter” Ball.

Meryl Streep just had a cow
But I’m singing like Mighty Mouse
(“Here he comes to save the day”)
There’s a Capitalist Living in the White House

Communism never works
Everybody knows that
Cuba, China, Korea
No one there is fat (except the dictators)
No one has a TV Show
Let alone a car
Only the rich can feed the poor
And create a TV star

He’s gonna Make America Great
He brought back jobs from over the sea
Coal Miners — celebrate!
We’re making our own energy
Our gas and oil will be released
Our taxes dropped, paychecks increased
The wall goes up
We’ll all be safe
Political Correctness
He’ll get his tweets under control
It’s Camelot again.
There’s a Capitalist Living in the White House!
There’s a Capitalist Living in the White House
Peace Through Strength!
There’s a Capitalist Living in the White House
The American Dream!
There’s a Capitalist Living in the White House!

Jackson is clearly a happier woman and satirist than she was in the era of Barack Obama when she made the case – sometimes in whispered tones – that was a communist living in the White House.

“Evidence?” she sang, accompanied by her trademark ukulele. “Where do you want me to start?”

She used news clips from WND to support her claim.

Here are some lyrics to Jackson’s previous song, “There’s a Communist Living in the White House”:

It seems these days I’m in a haze
And I can’t concentrate on things.
Can’t eat or sleep, feel incomplete
Feel kind of scared and creepy.
I look over my shoulder lots
And shudder when I watch TV.
I bite my nails and cuticles
And watch my words very carefully.
I bite my lip a lot and fidget with the buttons on my blouse
Why? Because there’s a communist living in the White House

She cited the socialist leanings of President Obama’s grandparents, communist leanings of his mother, the Marxist professors he had in college and his own links to the teachings of Saul Alinsky while related news clips flashed on the screen.

“He told Joe the Plumber, ‘Spread the wealth,’ which is a direct quote from the Communist Manifesto,” she sang. Then in office, Obama appointed Van Jones and took over the banking and car industries.

“How much more proof do you want?”

Jackson, a native of Miami, Florida, performed at tea-party rallies all over the country – from Pasadena to Washington, D.C.

Jackson was on “Saturday Night Live” from 1986 until about 1992 after she got a break in an appearance on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson – reciting poetry while performing one of her trademark handstands. She also performed on WND’s cruise to Alaska a few years ago – for the entire ship.

Jackson now lives in Nashville with her husband, Paul, a retired police officer. She tells WND they followed their grandchildren “we are truly enjoying our growing family.”

She tells WND she grew battle weary after eight years of political activism.

“In 2016 I decided to take all politics off of my web site and focus on comedy again,” she said. “Then, I got diagnosed with breast cancer. I got busy with a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. As far as the doctors can tell, I am healed. … Jesus carried me and my family through the cancer journey and it inspired a book, two music videos and a TV show idea. Of course, Jesus Christ is my priority in everything I do. I’m currently working on a Christian speaking tour. Paul has reluctantly agreed to participate in my new reality show, ‘Who’s Victoria Jackson?’ We are shopping it at REALSCREEN in D.C. next week. I put a little taste of it out on YouTube under the title, ‘The Birdie Singer Show!’ It is about me wanting to check off the last thing on my Bucket List – singing at the Grand Ol’ Opry. My only obstacles – 1) my age, 2) cancer, 3) my voice! But, with God nothing is impossible! Luke 1:37.”

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